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Jesus Christ

John 10:1-21, Stephen Clarke, April 8, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • 'Tent Making' - a solicitor in Child Protection
    • One case that he particularly remembers - the hatred of a father towards His son
  • Turn to John 10 - some of the most remarkable words ever written
    • v17-18
    • He died in obedience to His Father's command
    • He rose in obedience to His Father's command
    • Exercises by Jesus of His own authority
    • His Father loves Him because He did this
  • Let us dive deep into these verses
  • Overview:
    • Background
    • The Person who spoke
    • The Authority He exercised
    • The Father's Love


  • The welfare of the sheep was bound up in the calibre of the shepherd looking after them
  • The picture of a shepherd becomes a ruler
    • The Kings becomes responsible for the welfare of his people
  • Context of verses:
    • The blind man has been cast out by unworthy shepherds
    • He will never be cast out by the great Shepherd
  • Two words for "good"
    • May we know the attracting power of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • These people also knew their Old Testament

The Person who spoke (v17)

  • Ezekiel 34:11-17a
    • The shepherds are making such a bad job that I am going to have to come Myself
    • Jesus comes and claims "I am the Good Shepherd"
    • He is saying 'I am God'
  • v22-23
    • One shepherd
    • This shepherd will be David
  • John 1:1
    • The Word was made flesh
    • One person - both God and man
    • Fully God and fully man
    • Quote from John Murray
    • The Bible continues to teach that Jesus is God and man
    • Isa 45:21
    • Jesus had no problem with sense of identity - He knew full who He was

The Authority He exercised (v18)

  • He is not saying that men did not kill Him
    • He was in perfect control
    • He dismisses His spirit into His Fathers' hands
    • He offered Himself (Heb 9)
  • He took His life up again
    • John 6:37-40
    • There is an eternal plan
      • A people to save (v16)
      • Salvation will come to the Gentiles
      • There will be one flock and one Shepherd
    • You must look to the Son and believe upon Him
      • No-one can say on the last day that salvation was not offered to them
  • His obedience did not end with death
    • He received a command from His Father
    • Jesus raised Himself up (along with the power of God the Father and the Holy Spirit)
    • Jesus authority and obedience are intertwined

The Father's Love

  • God is love
    • A dynamic relationship in the Godhead - explanation
  • God loves Jesus because He lays down His life
    • Unconditional love - how can God love Jesus more?
    • Isa 53:12
    • Psalm 22:30-31
  • Our call as Christians is to heap honours on Jesus' head
    • Doing one thing in many ways
    • To live to the praise and glory of His grace
  • We are the sheep, He is the shepherd

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