May 1, 2024

Why are you Weeping?

Passage: John 20:14
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  • Women are more prone to tears
    • In the Scriptures you find many examples of women weeping - examples
    • There are men who weep - examples of Simon and Jesus
  • You might be wondering what verse we are looking at
    • Looking at questions in John's Gospel
    • Woman, why are you weeping? (v13, 15)
  • Overview:
    • What our tears show
    • Speaking to our tears
    • How our tears can give way to joy and peace

What our tears show

  • When Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus - the people said 'see how He loved him'
    • Mary was weeping - sobbing
  • See how Mary Magdalene loved Jesus
    • One of the last at the cross
    • Last to leave the tomb - but the first to arrive
    • The first to discover the tomb was empty
    • The first person to see the risen Lord Jesus Christ
    • She went to (further) anoint Jesus
  • Her tears reveal how much she loved Jesus
    • Why did she love Jesus?
      • She had a wicked and wretched life
      • She was possessed by seven spirits (not mental illness)
      • She was delivered
      • She was forgiven and cleansed
      • He turned her life around
    • When she found the tomb empty she was devestated
      • She sobbed and wept
      • She was crying funeral tears
        • We need to cry and weep
        • Jesus wept when Jerusalem rejected Him
  • What do our tears show?
    • Self-pity?
    • Rage?
    • Disappointment?
    • Quarrels?
    • Repentance?
  • She loves Jesus - v13
    • They have taken away her Lord
    • Not just "the" Lord (v2) but "my" Lord (v13)
    • Is Jesus your Lord?
  • Do you weep because you feel a distance from Jesus?
    • What do your tears reveal this morning?

Speaking to our tears

  • Much sorrow is not good for us
    • Continual crying
    • Example of the Psalmist
    • Our tears can distort how we see things
      • We concentrate on our situation and lose sight of God
  • We need the question 'why are you weeping?'
    • Interesting the question comes twice
  • We need to be objective and not just trust our feelings
    • Mary's reaction to the angel
      • The guards fled
      • Her emotions have so overcome her she treats the angels as ordinary men
    • We need to consider the situation
      • Are we unmoved by the content of a church service?
      • Do we ask questions?
      • We need to look up to Christ on the throne
    • Her problem was doubt and unbelief
      • Jesus had plainly said He would rise from the dead on the third day
      • She could not see due to doubt and unbelief
      • Does doubt and unbelief prevent us from seeing?

How our tears can give way to joy and peace

  • Jesus deals with Mary tenderly
  • Jesus allows her to speak
    • People need to vent their feelings
    • Jesus asks a question so she can open up
    • People need to share feelings and be able to open up
  • Jesus speaks her name
    • Just one word
    • Not 'why didn't you believe?'
    • In hearing this, she understands
      • Her heart is flooded with joy and peace
  • Jesus gives her hope
    • He explains what will happen
    • Jesus gives us hope
  • Do you hear Jesus Christ speaking to you this morning?
    • Does He have a word for you?
      • Repent
      • Forgiven
      • Peace
        • The disciples needed to hear from the woman and from Jesus
        • Peace (20:19, 21)
        • Do you need to let the peace of God reign in your heart? - 2 Thess 3:16
      • Your name
  • We may know sorrow and weeping but then comes joy
    • Jesus is our sabbath rest and peace
    • Jesus appeared on Sunday - the new day of the Lord
    • We must rest on Sunday
    • The old Sabbath was passing away to be replaced with the Sunday rest

Closing Remarks

  • Is their turmoil in your soul?
  • Turn to Jesus