Refurbishment Project

Phase 1

In 2015 we began the most substantial changes to the church buildings since 1924. Phase 1 of the project is now complete.

The goal of this project is to help equip the church and aid in reaching out with the Gospel, in line with Tabor’s Vision Statement. Therefore we need premises that:

  • Continue to reflect the dignity of what we are doing (the worship of God)
  • Give a positive impression and witness to the community and are welcoming to outsiders
  • Are efficient to run and flexible in their use
  • Are suitable for both worship and outreach
  • Are accessible to all

The planning team (Peter Cox, Vic Matthews, Robert Adlam) have been working with David Morley, a Christian architect to develop an overall plan. A Design Committee has been formed with David James, Maureen Turner, Janice Cox and Jan Davies, who are responsible for aesthetic design aspects such as colours, fabrics, fixtures and fittings.

The main features of the work during April to July 2015 were:

  • Two new WCs accessible from the lobby, one kitted out to full disabled specifications, the other to include modern baby changing facilities.
  • Enlarged entrance lobby, with 3 sets of glazed double doors forming the partition between the lobby and the main hall, and a fully glazed church entrance door. This will make the main hall and lobby much more bright and welcoming as well as less draughty.
  • Outdoor lighting to the front of the church, illuminating the entrance area and the building façade, and down the path to street level.
  • Replacement drainage and new connection to the main sewer.
  • Main hall: under-floor insulation and cable management , new carpet, new seating to replace the pews, which are to be re-machined to make the new doors in the lobby

The work in 2015 cost about £54,000, and we are grateful to God that this amount was raised from gifts from the congregation (plus reclaimed tax) and grants from charitable organisations and interested individuals.



Phase 2

Phase 2 to enable disabled access to the building was completed in 2017.


Phase 3

The audio-visual facilities were upgraded in 2015 (including an audio link to the crèche) with live-streaming facilities added in 2021.