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Good Friday Service - Jesus the Servant

Isaiah 52:13-53:12, Andrew Love, March 30, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Do you believe the Bible?
    • Many don't believe
    • Many cast aspersions on the word of God
  • Consider Isaiah 53
    • Written 700 years before the life of Jesus Christ
    • Words that speak so plainly
      • v5
      • v7
      • Can you not see Jesus in these verses?
      • v9
      • v12
  • There are many others passages [that prophesy of Jesus Christ]
    • No bones were broken
    • Gambling for His clothes
  • For those that say the Bible is not true
    • What is your bias?
    • Have you really read it?
    • Have you considered the evidence?
    • How do you explain the details of the prophecies of Jesus Christ?
    • How can you say the Bible is not inspired?
  • A wonderful passage
    • The 'first gospel'
    • So much doctrine:
      • Justification
      • Particular redemption
      • Substitutionary atonement
      • Resurrection
  • Overview (the Suffering Servant):
    • A Startling Servant (52:13-15)
    • A Scorned Servant (53:1-3)
    • A Sorrowful Servant (53:3)
    • A Substitute Servant (53:4-5)
    • A Submissive Servant (53:7-9)
    • A Satisfied Servant (53:10)

A Startling Servant (52:13-15)

  • He will be exalted above all, but there is something startling about Him
    • People despised Him
    • His face was disfigured
    • He was beaten and scourged
    • He suffered terrible pain
  • What does this tell us about Jesus Christ and about humanity?
    • It speaks of the amazing love of Jesus
    • It tells us how awful humanity is
      • We have depraved hearts

A Scorned Servant (53:1-3)

  • Outwardly nothing beautiful about Jesus
    • He was ordinary [in appearance]
    • From a human perspective He was insignificant
    • Yet He was the Son of God
  • Who believed the report?
    • He was despised by his family (initially), the religious establishment, the Jews
  • Do we serve or scorn Jesus?

A Sorrowful Servant (53:3)

  • We have indwelling sin - but Christ's soul was sinless
    • His soul was so sensitive to sin
    • His heart was filled with great sorrow as people were filled with sin and because He was filled with great compassion for them
    • In Gethsemane - we see Jesus in great sorrow/distress
      • Ps 69
  • He has borne our grief and carried our sorrows
    • Not just His own sorrows but ours too
    • He is a sympathetic High Priest

A Substitute Servant (53:4-5)

  • Think of how the soldiers came for Jesus
    • What did He do - He stepped forward
    • The soldiers fell back
    • Peter took out his sword but Jesus instructed Him to put it away
    • He went willingly to the cross
  • Consider Barabbas
    • Pilate gave the crowds a chance to release Jesus
      • Pilate & Herod found no crime in Jesus
    • The crowds chose Barabbas
    • Jesus took Barabbas' place
    • Jesus took our place
    • He was bruised for us - for our griefs, our transgressions, our iniquities
  • The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ (God's righteous servant)
    • He is a substitute servant
  • May Good Friday really be a good day for you
    • May you believe in the substitute servant Jesus Christ

A Submissive Servant (53:7-9)

  • He kept silent against His accusers
    • He did not need to speak against these accusations
    • He would not defend Himself
    • He was silent (v7-8)
  • He was obedient even to the point of death, the death of the cross
    • The weight of sin upon Him
    • He was cut off from His Father in heaven
    • 3 hours of darkness on the cross (at midday)
  • He was willing to do the Father's will

A Satisfied Servant (53:10)

  • The Father did not take pleasure in smiting His Son, but took pleasure in the [perfect] sacrifice
    • He was pleased to give those saved as a gift to His Son
    • Jesus takes pleasure in His people
  • Easter Sunday has changed our world
    • 3 wonderful days
    • Days that would change history forever
  • Jesus is pleased in His offspring
    • He would bring many sons to glory
  • Is Jesus satisfied in you now?
    • Have you trusted in Jesus and repented of your sin?
    • Have you believed the word of God?
    • Have you believed that you are a sinner?

Closing Remarks

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