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Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Evening

Prayer Meeting held in the church at 7:30pm for one hour, following the usual safety procedures and Covid Guidance (as on Sundays).

You Tube
For those not attending the Church Prayer Meeting, we are continuing with an online alternative as below:

Suggested Order

  1. Song 1: “Lord speak to me that I might speak”
  2. Message: “Your responsibility to the church” – Part 4 by John MacArthur
  3. Song 2:Jesus where’er Thy people meet, there they behold Thy mercy seat”
  4. Prayer: Private Prayer


Sunday Service

Service Update:

YouTube - Live StreamingFrom Sunday 20th September, we will try ‘livestreaming’ the morning sermon to our Tabor Baptist Church YouTube channel. The sermon will be scheduled to start at 11:30am, but may start a bit earlier or later, depending on the length of time take for the earlier elements of the service.

Although tests have worked well, this is a new process, so please bear with us if things don’t quite work smoothly.

Please note, that only the sermon will be livestreamed (and perhaps the readings), not the songs or children’s talks. The songs will still need to be ‘played’ by clicking the links below.

Exclamation MarkDuring test we noticed that sometimes an error occurred with the video – refreshing the webpage usually resolves this.

Sunday Morning

  1. Song 1: “Crown Him with many crowns”
  2. Children’s Talk
  3. Song 2: “O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer”
  4. Prayer
  5. Reading: Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Ephesians 4:25-32 
  6. Message: “You shall not bear false witness” (Ex. 20:16) – part of the Ten Commandments series
    Audio: To be Published | Sermon Page
    Video: Direct Link | TBC Channel on YouTube
  7. Song 3: “Rock of Ages cleft for me”


Sunday Evening

  1. Song 1: “Soldiers of Christ arise”
  2. Prayer: Private prayer
  3. Song 2: “The battle is the Lord’s”
  4. Message: “When plans are frustrated” (The Gospel in Ephesus #3) – Acts 19:21-41
    Audio: To be Published | Sermon Page
    Video: https://youtu.be/_ogamnzE1HM
  5. Song 3: “Great is Thy faithfulness”

OopsN.B.  We are aware of a bug in the plug-in used to render Sermons on our website, which is causing duplicate/extra information to appear on the sermon audio pages. There is nothing we can do about this, but we hope that the issue is quickly resolved with an update.

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