February 4, 2024

What shall we do?

Passage: John 6:26-29, Psalm 19:1-14
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  • Reading John 6:26-29
  • Overview of looking at questions in John's Gospel (with explanation):
    • Do you want to be made well?
    • Where shall we buy bread?
    • Does this offend you?
  • Today: a question from the crowd (v28)
    • "What shall we do, that we may work the works of God"
  • The crowd had asked various questions:
    • Example of the rich young man
    • Example of the lawyer
  • It is good to come to God with questions
    • Are you seeking answers - ask of God
  • The context to this question
    • Jesus had fed the 5,000
      • Jesus has said they were following Him simply for the material blessings
      • Jesus advised the people not to pursue material things ... but everlasting life given by Him
    • The people wanted to work the works of God - to perform miracles
  • Overview:
    • Its Irony
    • Its Implication
    • Its Answer

Its Irony

  • Because many people (disciples) turned away from Jesus
  • Because Jesus was criticised for working on the Sabbath day (John 5:16-17)
    • John 7:21-24 – their hypocrisy
    • Examples - Jesus called out their double standards
  • As human beings we can be like this
    • Like the people in v26
    • Example from James
    • Example from John
  • We must search our hearts - examples
    • Are we one thing in Church but another thing outside Church
    • Are there inconsistencies in our lives?
    • What are our motives?

Its Implication

  • The people were fascinated by miracles (John 6:30)
    • Their whole mindset was of a work-based religion
      • To please God by their hard efforts, their religiosity, their good, their deeds
      • This is true of religions the world over - works and striving
      • Christianity is about grace
    • Their pursuit of miracles
      • You may think this does not apply in the Church
        • False teachers on the internet
          • People often want to bypass Jesus - they simply want to be healed (Example of the Ten Lepers)
        • Examples
        • God can perform miracles but they do not often occur
  • The people felt they were worthy before God
    • We are not worthy - it is Christ who is worthy

Its Answer

  • To believe in Jesus - this is the work of God (v29)
    • It was hard for the people to see Jesus as the God Man
      • Despite His miracles
      • Despite His lack of sin
      • He was not just another prophet
  • Belief and faith - trusting your life and salvation to God
    • Example of Blondin
    • It is not of ourselves but of God - Eph 2:8-9
    • Christianity is not 'do' but 'done' - explanation
    • Rest in what God has done for us
      • Rom 4:4-5
    • Trust in Him for the promise of everlasting life
      • Why turn your back on Jesus Christ and lose out on heaven?
      • Believe in Jesus Christ