April 21, 2019

The Son of God

Passage: Luke 22:63-71, Daniel 7:9-14
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  • It is wonderful to proclaim the death, resurrection and exhortation of the Lord Jesus
  • We shall consider – who is this Person?
    • The resurrection is the centre of Christianity
    • The very centre of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ
  • Luke 22:70 - the Son of God
    • He declares that He is the Son of God
    • Now is the time to declare it
  • Overview:
    • What the passage says about human nature
    • What the passage says about the Lord Jesus
    • What the passage demands as a response from you and me

Human Nature (v63-65)

  • Remember who Jesus is
  • The men mock and beat Him
    • There are many injustices in the world
      • Example of Billy Vunipola
    • The greatest injustice was the treatment of the Son of God
      • The only one who was truly innocent
      • We must remember our own sin ...
      • ... but He was sinless
  • The foolishness of men
    • They blindfolded Him ...
      • ... the Man who could see into the hearts of men
    • They struck Him and called Him to Prophesy ...
      • ... even though they had fallen at His feet when the came to arrest Him
  • Human nature is anti-God and anti-Christ
  • The men have made up their own minds (v67-68)
    • They had just seen a miracle in the healing of the High Priest servant's ear
    • A blind unbelief
      • Example of the parable
      • Feeble excuses - 'can not' is 'will not'
    • They were stiff necked and resisted God
      • Example of the parable of the Vineyard
      • The Pharisees were offended at His teaching
    • Unbelief is an offense against God

The Lord Jesus

  • Tremendous condescension
    • Example & explanation
  • Jesus reminds the religious leaders that He is the Son of Man
    • The leaders understood the prophecy of Daniel
      • Jesus said that He was the Messiah
      • Dan 7:13-14
    • Jesus is convinced of His destiny
      • Do we recognise who He is?
  • Jesus is openly declaring He is the Son of God (v70b)
    • At His birth He was Emmanuel
    • At His baptism the Lord spoke from Heaven
    • At His transfiguration the Lord spoke from Heaven
  • Consider His miracles
    • His ability to forgive sins proved that He was the Son of God
    • He accepted worship - a declaration that He was Divine
    • Now He is openly declaring He is the Son of God
  • The cross proclaims His Divinity
    • Only the God Man could bear the sins of men
    • He rose triumph from the dead after three days
  • What is your verdict?

Our Response

  • What should be our response?
  • We should worship Him and honour Him
    • Every area of our life should come under His Lordship
    • A continual sacrifice of praise
    • A joyful people
    • We are to flee from sin
    • We are to put on Christ
    • We are to be holy like Him
    • We are to know we have an advocate at the right hand of God
  • Love, praise and obedience
    • We cannot only do this with His help
    • We must be people of prayer