April 21, 2019

The Resurrection of Jesus

Passage: Luke 24:28-48
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  • Easter is a glorious time
    • A blessed time a Parc Newydd
    • A blessed time on Good Friday
    • Here to celebrate Easter Sunday
  • Easter is not a happy time for all
    • We all have to face death
    • Death is a difficult time
    • There can be a sense of confusion and numbness
  • Death is not easy
    • Personal example
    • The disciples loved the Lord Jesus Christ more than family members
      • They had known peace and forgiveness
    • To their horror and confusion He was publicly executed by the Romans
      • Two members of the Sanhedrin blessed Jesus in their sacrifice

The Grave

  • 24:1-3 – speaks of what the women had come to do
    • The guards had fled because of the angels
    • They came to an empty tomb
    • They must have thought that someone had stolen the body
      • What purpose was there for the Jews or Romans to take the body?
      • What purpose was there for the disciples to take the body?
        • Why would the preach and die for a fabricated story?
    • The women thought was than someone had taken the body
  • 24:4-8 – The angels spoke to the women
    • The suddenly remembered what Jesus had previously spoke to them
    • They were full of hope and full of joy
  • What do you believe about the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
    • The whole of Christianity rests upon this doctrine
      • If true, it changes everything!
    • All of us will face the grave
      • Is there no hope in death?
    • The Christian's confidence is victory over death
      • We do not need to fear death if we are trusting in Him
      • 24:46-47
  • Personal Challenge
    • Are you willing to sift the evidence and run to Jesus?
    • Example of Millie and Toby Saville
      • The hope of the Easter Message
    • Example of the American Pastor

The Disciples

  • 24:9-11 – the women informed the disciples
    • The disciples did not believe them (v11)
      • Is the resurrection a stumbling block for you?
      • Do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead?
    • Two of the apostles ran to the grave
      • They saw the neatly folded grave clothes
      • Peter and John saw the evidence
        • They ran - are you eager to seek the risen Christ?
    • Christianity is not a blind faith
      • It is based on historical facts
        • Far more historical evidence that for contempary peers like Julius Caesar
        • Historical evidence from secular commentators like Tassitus
        • Witnesses of the women, the 11, over 500 people at once
      • Indisputable facts
      • There is more to the world than just chemistry, biology or physics
    • The resurrection is central to Christianity
  • Depression
    • There is more depression now that ever
    • We are a blameful culture
    • We give our opinions publicly
    • There are people who are socially isolated
  • The two are low in spirit (24:17)
    • It is good that the are contemplating ...
      • ...but so often we dwell on the negative
    • Jesus speaks of Himself (24:25)
      • They need the word of God
      • They need a solid anchor
      • Their souls needs teaching and reviving
    • Their hearts burned within them (24:32)
      • The word of God revived their souls
    • What do we need in times of sadness?
      • The comfort of friends
      • Above all the word of God and the presence of Christ

Jesus' Compassion

  • 24:36 – Jesus knows they need help so appears to them again
    • "Peace to you"
      • No rebuke over those who deserted Him
      • Jesus speaks tender words to them
    • They think they have seen a spirit
      • Jesus calms them
      • He eats before them
      • Jesus condescends to them
        • He proves to them who He is
    • Jesus often comes to us in our point of need to strengthen us
  • Personal Challenge
    • Jesus taught the two on the road to Emmaus
    • Jesus taught the 11 (24:44-45)
    • How we need Jesus' teaching
    • Receive His teaching

Closing Challenge