April 28, 2019

God is our Refuge and Strength

Passage: Psalm 46:1-11
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  • A wonderful and famous Psalm
  • We are seeking stability and happiness
    • What are these things?
  • The worlds ideas of these things is constantly shifting
  • Nothing in the world will bring you long-term stability or happiness
    • Example of Riches
  • This is why this Psalm is so important
  • The world is messed up
    • Examples

God's Loving Embrace

  • The earth is battered (v2-3)
  • The Psalm starts not with this but our confidence in God
    • This is our dramatic opening
    • This is a bold opening statement
  • This shows us that in God we can have stability and happiness
    • Things that seem stable (e.g. Mountains) can be brought down
      • Things closer to home too - examples
    • Are we relying on these things to give us stability and happiness?
    • Things of the world - will let us down 
  • There is a big hole in our lives where God should be
    • We try and fill this with all sort of things
      • However, the things of the world will not fill us
    • The Bible takes us on the journey of the reality of life
    • Only God will fit in the God-shaped hole inside of us
      • He will never leave nor forsake us - He will keep His promises
  • God is our refuge and strength
    • Because of this truth we have nothing to fear
    • A refuge - Example of Hurricane Katrina, air raid shelters and Cardiff Castle
    • God is a protection and shield
      • Earthly refuges are temporary - God's refuge is permanent
      • God's protection is forever
  • To access this refuge - we must come to God
    • Explanation
  • To access this protection - we must be in Christ
    • It is for God's people
    • However, we feel like we are our own gods
    • Explanation
      • Rom 6:3-5
  • God is our strength
    • Example of Chillean Miners - they felt God's presence
    • When hard times hit - God is closer by

The Church of God will not fall

  • We are part of the city of God - v4
    • The city of God - the Church of God
  • A river
    • The streams bring gladness to the city
    • Water is a lifeline to people and cities
    • This water is the Holy Spirit
  • God will not allow His city to be moved - though the reality is that we need to be in Christ
    • We have the protection of God
      • God has always protected His Church
    • God will help
    • God will be there when we need Him
      • Without God there is darkness
      • In God there is light - He is light
      • God will bring light and hope
    • The Church will be attacked ...
      • ... but It won't fall
      • Attacked physically and spiritually
    • The Church of God will stand
  • God is our fortress and refuge - v7
    • No matter what is happening outside - nothing will break through
    • God is for us
    • God's Church will not fall

God is in Complete Control

  • A change of emphasis
    • v1-7 – addressed to believers
    • v8-11 – for believers and unbelievers
  • v9 - God is in complete control (a picture of victory)
    • God is our refuge and strength
    • God will make permanent
      • Rev
      • God has complete victory
  • A startling command - be still and know He is God
    • This should be our response
    • We must understand what this means
    • We live in a noisy world
      • The things of the world are distracting
      • We must be quiet and contemplate
      • Not take ourselves out of the world
      • We must stop being distracted by the world and come to God
      • We must become blind to the world and are awareness to God will be enhanced
    • Whatever our problems - we can have confidence in God
      • Example
  • If you are not saved
    • You have surely seen the signs and wonders of God
    • Acknowledge what God has done for you
      • Rev 1:7
      • Christ will come again
  • If you are saved
    • All that we have looked at - is for you
    • Only God can provide stability - refuge and strength

Closing Remarks