December 1, 2019

The Law

Passage: Galatians 3:19-25
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  • What sort of day are we living in?
    • Why is this the case?
  • Post-modernism - no absolute truth
    • People say everything (including truth) is relative
    • No authority or clarity
    • Atheism says there is no God, no judge and thus we are not accountable
    • Being able to act as we wish
    • People do what is right in their own eyes
    • No fear of God
    • A lot of pain, hurt, despair and sadness
  • God's word
    • We need to hear again the Ten Commandments
    • We need to return to God's absolute truth
      • Examples
  • Today's passage - the law of God
    • Context: Paul writing about faith - explanation
    • v19 - what is the purpose of the law?
  • Overview:
    • The Purpose of the Law
    • The Limitations of the Law
    • The End of the Law

The Purpose of the Law

  • The Judiasers were teaching the important of obeying the Law
    • Paul reminds people that Abraham was made right with God by faith - not by the law or circumcision
  • The law was given because of transgressions - v19
    • The law of God is written on everyones conscience
      • Human beings ignore their conscience - it becomes seared
      • We disobey God
    • The law was written on people's hearts and minds before the time of Moses
      • God publicly declared and defined His law
      • The Ten Commandments - examples and explanation
        • Honour Me alone
        • Idols
        • Blasphemy
        • Observe the Sabbath
        • Honour your parents
        • Do not murder
        • Do not commit adultery
        • Do not steal
        • Do not lie
        • Do not covet
  • The law came to define God's Holy standards
    • By the law comes knowledge of sin
  • The law shows the exceeding sinfulness of sin
    • Rom 7:7-13
    • Our heart responds in sinful ways
    • Paul acknowledged his sinful desire
  • The law is given to drive us to Christ - v24
    • It is a tutor or threating school master with punishment
    • It is a tutor or teacher
      • The need of a Mediator between God and man
  • Application
    • Have we looked into the mirror of God's law?
    • Have we seen how far short we fall?
    • Have we seen that Christ is our only hope?
    • Quote from Martin Luther

The Limitations of the Law

  • It was added because of transgression
    • God added another covenant after Abraham
    • A mosaic covenant - 430 years later
      • Inferior
      • Temporary
      • Until the seed should come
  • Inferior to the Promise
    • The law of God was given by Angels to Moses - v19
      • God's law came directly to Abraham (no intermediary)
    • The law came with dark and threatening clouds
      • God visited Abraham as a friend
    • The law made men draw back
      • God drew near to Abraham
    • The law is temporary
      • God's promise is eternal - Heb 6:13-14
    • The law could not save
      • God's promise is saving - Heb 8:7-13
  • Not opposed to the Promise
    • But to show us the Holy standards of God and to drive us to Christ

The End of the Law

  • Rom 10:4
    • The more you try - the worse things get
    • The way of salvation is not through keeping the law but through Christ alone
      • Explanation
  • We are no longer under a tutor - v25
    • We are under grace and not under law
    • We live by faith
    • We live by the Spirit of God in freedom
    • We come freely to God [in Christ]
  • Application:
    • The world wants freedom - but gone in the wrong direction
    • God's word and the Ten Commandments stand
    • We need to sound forth Jesus Christ
    • We need faith in Christ and repentance to God - but we are not saved by our actions, but those of Jesus Christ

Closing Remarks