December 1, 2019

The Law

Passage: Galatians 3:19-25
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Bible Text: Galatians 3:19-25 | Preacher: Andrew Love | Series: Galatians | Introduction

What sort of day are we living in?

Why is this the case?

Post-modernism – no absolute truth

People say everything (including truth) is relative
No authority or clarity
Atheism says there is no God, no judge and thus we are not accountable
Being able to act as we wish
People do what is right in their own eyes
No fear of God
A lot of pain, hurt, despair and sadness

God’s word

We need to hear again the Ten Commandments
We need to return to God’s absolute truth


Today’s passage – the law of God

Context: Paul writing about faith – explanation
v19 – what is the purpose of the law?


The Purpose of the Law
The Limitations of the Law
The End of the Law

The Purpose of the Law

The Judiasers were teaching the important of obeying the Law

Paul reminds people that Abraham was made right with God by faith – not by the law or circumcision

The law was given because of transgressions – v19

The law of God is written on everyones conscience

Human beings ignore their conscience – it becomes seared
We disobey God

The law was written on people’s hearts and minds before the time of Moses

God publicly declared and defined His law
The Ten Commandments – examples and explanation

Honour Me alone
Observe the Sabbath
Honour your parents
Do not murder
Do not commit adultery
Do not steal
Do not lie
Do not covet

The law came to define God’s Holy standards

By the law comes knowledge of sin

The law shows the exceeding sinfulness of sin

Rom 7:7-13
Our heart responds in sinful ways
Paul acknowledged his sinful desire

The law is given to drive us to Christ – v24

It is a tutor or threating school master with punishment
It is a tutor or teacher

The need of a Mediator between God and man


Have we looked into the mirror of God’s law?
Have we seen how far short we fall?
Have we seen that Christ is our only hope?
Quote from Martin Luther

The Limitations of the Law

It was added because of transgression

God added another covenant after Abraham
A mosaic covenant – 430 years later

Until the seed should come

Inferior to the Promise

The law of God was given by Angels to Moses – v19

God’s law came directly to Abraham (no intermediary)

The law came with dark and threatening clouds

God visited Abraham as a friend

The law made men draw back

God drew near to Abraham

The law is temporary

God’s promise is eternal – Heb 6:13-14

The law could not save

God’s promise is saving – Heb 8:7-13

Not opposed to the Promise

But to show us the Holy standards of God and to drive us to Christ

The End of the Law

Rom 10:4

The more you try – the worse things get
The way of salvation is not through keeping the law but through Christ alone


We are no longer under a tutor – v25

We are under grace and not under law
We live by faith
We live by the Spirit of God in freedom
We come freely to God [in Christ]


The world wants freedom – but gone in the wrong direction
God’s word and the Ten Commandments stand
We need to sound forth Jesus Christ
We need faith in Christ and repentance to God – but we are not saved by our actions, but those of Jesus Christ

Closing Remarks