February 11, 2024

The Church, the Cross, the Cosmos

Passage: Acts 16:11-19, 25-34, 40; Philippians 2:1-18
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  • Philippians is an easy book to understand - but it must be obeyed
    • Easy to understand - hard to live out
    • An encouragement and an challenge


  • Philippi
    • Derived it's name from Philip of Macedon who conquered it about 360 BC
    • Developed a good gold mining industry
    • Romans took it over in 168 BC
    • Became an important Roman colony in Macedonia (North Greece)
    • No Synagogue there cos there were so few Jews there
  • The Bible and Philippi
    • First European city that Paul preached in
    • Called there by a vision (Acts 16:6-10)
    • Evangelised by Paul on his second Missionary Journey in AD 50 (Acts 16: 11-40)
    • Luke was probably born there
    • The church there was strong and generous
    • Jailer converted when Paul & Silas are singing in prison at midnight
    • Visited again by Paul in Acts 20
  • Paul's situation when writing
    • Written, probably between AD 60 and 62
    • In prison, probably in Rome
    • Had lost his freedom
    • Constantly chained to a soldier (Phil 1:15-16 & 2:20-21)
    • Lost most of his friends & family
    • Aware of a few friends and many enemies
    • Lost most of his possessions


  • A Call to Unity (v1-4): The Church
  • A Call to Humility (v5-11): The Cross
  • A Call to Shine (v12-18): The Cosmos

A Call to Unity (v1-4): The Church

  • Little words but big challenge
  • Simple words:
    • Any (v1)
    • Like/same/one (v2)
    • Our joy (v2)
    • Nothing (v3)
    • Also (v4)
  • Challenge: Make Andrew's joy complete as we obey these verses
  • Big challenge:
    • Like minded
    • The same love
    • One in Spirit and purpose (v2) - scriptural examples
    • Selfless / Honest / Humility (v3)
    • Put others first
  • A Call to the Church for Unity

A Call to Humility (v5-11): The Cross

  • Our call (v5, 10-11)
    • Be like Christ
      • Example of TV program: 'The Chosen'
    • Be humble (v5)
      • Like Christ who humbled Himself to the death of the Cross
    • Worship (v10-11)
  • The Son's Work in humility (v6-8)
    • He gave up heaven (v6)
    • He became nothing, a servant and human (v7)
    • He became humble and obedient (v8)
  • The Father's Work in honour (v9-11)
    • God exalted Jesus - did (v9)
    • Many have accepted now but everyone will bow (v10-11)
      • Example of song lyrics: 'Come is the time to worship
    • Challenge: today is the day of salvation

A Call to Shine (v12-18): The Cosmos

  • Called to shine like stars - example
  • In Salvation (v12-13)
    • Our work (v12)
      • "Workout your salvation with fear and trembling"
      • Do this in the light of v13
    • God's work (v13)
  • In Service (v14-18) - Shining like stars (example)
    • Doing all without complaining or arguing (v14)
    • Holding out the word of life (v16)
    • Being faithful in service and sacrifice (v17)
    • Rejoicing with fellow believers (v18)
  • Challenge:
    • How bright are you shining for Jesus?
    • What can we do to make our stars brighter?