February 18, 2024

Is this the Christ?

Passage: John 7:25-38, Isaiah 35:1-6
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  • Generally:
    • Churches are seeing diminishing numbers
    • There is a trend to a loss of young people
  • Why?- multi-faceted causes
    • Anti-Christian teaching in Uni
      • Examples
      • Have we failed to answer these questions/issues
    • Persuasive secularism
    • Humanism
    • Anti-theism?
      • Examples
      • They say God is dead and religion is a waste of time
  • But things seems to be changing
    • Examples
    • Could the tide by turning? / Is there a new climate?
  • John 7:26 - key text
    • Do the leaders know this is the Christ?
    • They should have known he was from God
  • We need to ask the question - who is Jesus Christ?
    • Quote from C S Lewis
      • Liar, lunatic or Lord?
      • Not just a good man with moral teaching
      • You cannot be neutral
      • Either "mad, bad or God"
  • Jesus had given a promise of living waters (7:37-42)
  • Overview
    • Who is the Christ?
    • What difference does it make if our leaders believe in Him?
    • How should we respond to some of the questions of our secular age

Who is the Christ?

  • There was confusion (7:12)
    • Jesus had gone to the feast
    • The question was 'who is the Christ?'
      • Some said He was good
      • Some said He was a deceiver
      • Many were impressed by Him (7:15)
        • Example of His teaching (7:21-24)
  • The question comes - do the rules know He is the Christ (7:26)
  • It was a tense time
    • He was staying away from Galilee (7:1)
    • Many did not speak openly of him because of fear (9:22)
    • There was confusion
      • People wondered if He was to be killed (7:20)
      • Some are saying people are seeking to kill Jesus (7:25)
  • Jesus' doctrine is clear
    • He has been sent from God the Father (7:16)
    • He knows God and has been sent by God (7:29)
    • Many had seen His miracles
  • Who is Jesus?
    • Sent from God
    • With the power to perform miracles (including resurrecting people from the dead)
    • The authority of the Father
    • He sought His Father's glory
    • The one who provides rivers of living water (7:37)
      • The feast was celebrating God's provision in the wilderness
      • The Jews were living in a spiritual desert
      • God would send the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
      • Luke 4:18
  • Challenge: who is Jesus Christ to you?
    • Has He satisfied your deepest longing?
    • Can you say you are satisfied, found, alive, with a quenched thirst
    • Example #1
    • Example #2: Ray Comfort
    • What do you think of Jesus Christ?
    • Do you know He is Lord and Saviour who can meet your deepest needs?
    • You must make a decision - liar, lunatic or Lord?

What difference does it make if our leaders believe in Him?

  • Do the rulers know that He truly is the Christ?
    • Great good may result - examples
      • 7:44,51
      • Acts 5:34-39
      • Further examples
    • We are not dependent on this
      • When society is changed - it is rarely from the top down ... but from the bottom up
        • Examples
    • We are to be thankful when we seeing things changing
      • Example of Jordan Peterson, Tom Holland, Glen Scrivener
      • Further examples
    • We put our confidence in God
      • Acts 2:22-24
      • Acts 4:25-28

How should we respond to some of the questions of our secular age

Time does not permit to look at this

Closing Remarks

  • Tell your own story - what God has done in your life
  • Have full confidence in the Bible
  • Do not fear, present your testimony, speak of Christ
  • Know the Bible - the power of God until salvation
  • Walk in holiness and loving God
  • Be genuine
  • Be kind - Example of Ray Comfort
  • People will notice your reaction