January 9, 2022

The Christian and the Church

Passage: 1 Corinthians 3:11-23
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  • AD 54-55 - imagine that you are sitting in the Church in Corinth
    • This church is being charged as carnal - envy, strife, division
    • How would you feel about this?
    • How were Chloe's household feeling?
  • All the church needed to listened to have the problems treated
    • Problems are not easy to deal with
  • Paul deals with these problems
    • Does a church not go forward because of it's problems?
    • Paul knew that God was King over His Church and that Jesus was building His Church
    • Paul was confident that God would perfect the Church of Jesus Christ - 1 Cor 1:8
    • Paul was not complacent about the problems
      • Those in leadership and teach - their work will one day be tested by fire
      • The Church is holy
      • Wisdom should not come from the world but from God
  • v10-23, looking at the Christian & the Church
    • It's Work
    • It's Sacredness

It's Work

  • The Church is compared to a building - the foundation is essential (example)
    • Paul was a master builder by the grace of God - v10
    • The foundation must be built on Jesus Christ - v11
      • Paul's preaching was not about morality - he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ
      • Apollos taught (Acts 18/19)
  • Those in the Church need to be careful how they build – v12-14
    • The gold and the silver will remain though burned by fire - but wood, straw, hay will be burnt up
    • Some churches do not preach the gospel or believe only in social action
    • Some churches exist on mere activity
    • God, not man, is the judge of the Church of Jesus Christ – 1 Cor 4:3-4

It's Sacredness

  • The Church of God is sacred
    • Christians are the temple of the living God
    • We are a universal and a local Church
      • The letters of the Bible are addressed to specific/local committed churches
      • Yet we are to fellowship with those of other congregrations
  • The Church of God can be defiled
    • Example of Ananias and Sapphira
    • Reading 1 Cor 6:13-20
      • Flee sexual immorality 
    • 1 Cor 5:1
    • 1 Cor 5:12 – Judge not those outside the church - but those inside
    • 1 Cor 10:20-22
  • The Church is supernatural / other worldly
    • v21-22 - do not act in carnal ways
    • Denominations and divisions (over secondary matters)
      • Example of baptism, prominent 'Christians', the Second coming
    • All things belong to us and we are Christ's - v23
  • Do not be deceived - v18
    • Our wisdom is not be from the world
    • We are to follow Jesus - which to the world is foolishness
    • We are not to reject facts but to reject the schemes of man

Closing Remarks