January 9, 2022

The Kingdom and the Second Coming

Passage: Luke 17:20-37
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  • Why do we make such a fuss of the New Year?
    • The passing of a year is significant - it causes us to look back and reflect
      • To thank God for blessings
      • To look forward with expectation
  • The Bible speaks of a day - the 'Day of the Lord'
    • In Daniel referred to as the 'Day of the Son of Man'
    • A number prophesied about
    • Martin Luther - thought only of today and the 'final day'
  • These verses speak of Jesus' Second Coming
  • Overview:
    • Expectations of the Kingdom
    • The kingdom of God as a Present Reality
    • The Coming Kingdom

Expectations of the Kingdom

  • Some people were waiting for the Kingdom:
    • Simeon was waiting for the coming King
    • Anna saw the Christ Child and told others
  • Jesus Christ preached a message stating the kingdom of God was near and amongst people
    • He used parables to preach about the nature of the kingdom
    • Some misunderstood and were ignorant of the kingdom of God - some tried to make Jesus a king to rule over them – Luke 19:11
    • Even the pharisees were expecting the kingdom of God - v20
  • What about today?
    • Some are into religion, mysticism, into events/prophecies - there can be an interest in spiritual things
    • But there is no real interest in the true things of God - there is wilful sin and no pleasing of God

The kingdom of God as a Present Reality

  • It is not within observation (v20-21)
    • It is not a physical kingdom, with a ruler over people
    • It is not a geographical area that is visible
    • It is not external but within you
  • It can never be seen unless the Spirit works in your life and your heart is changed
    • "You must be born again"
      • Do you understand this?
    • Have you been born again - have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour?
  • Is the kingdom of God a present reality in your life

The Coming Kingdom

  • The bulk of the passage speaks about this
  • Difficult days are coming in the future (v22-23)
    • Matt 24:21
    • People were long to see days of peace and prosperity but it get worse and worse when the Spirit of God is withdrawn
    • False prophets and false 'Christs' will arise
    • There will be difficult days
  • Christ's return (v24)
    • When Christ returns it will be global
    • Mysterious things will happen - explanation
      • Matt 24:29-30
    • The first coming of Christ is in stark contrast to the second coming of Christ
      • Explanation
  • He will be rejected and suffer (v25)
    • The world wants every good and right and not suffering, rejection and pain
    • Jesus must go to the cross - there is no other way
    • Jesus must be rejected by men and women
  • Two catastrophic events (v26-30)
    • The day of Noah - not one escaped as the ignored his preaching and warnings
    • The day that Lot left Sodom
      • The people in these times went about their normal life - but then a sudden day of tribulation came
    • Why does Jesus mention the normality of life and not the wickedness that is described in the Old Testament
      • Had wickedness become as normal as eating and drinking?
      • Evil had been 'normalised'
      • Your sin might not be 'as bad' as others
  • It will be the same when Jesus returns (v31)
    • Matthew and Mark - similar words used for the destruction of Jerusalem (that would occur in AD70)
    • There is often a double meaning/reference in Scripture
      • E.g. a temporal judgment leading to a final judgment
  • Lot's wife - had become worldly (v32)
    • We must not be people that love the world
    • If you love life you will lose it
    • You must be prepared to yield to the Lordship of Jesus
    • Where do you stand this morning?
  • A great separation (v34-36)
    • No secret rapture...
    • ...but Christ is coming again
    • A great separation even between spouses, colleagues, family, etc
    • A division between sheep and goats
    • The teaching of the Lord Jesus is paramount

Closing Remarks

  • We can have every confidence if we have trusted in Christ
    • His promises are true
    • He will come for us
  • If you are playing with sin and living in unbelief - this is a fearful day
  • Jesus began by answering a question from the pharisees (v20) but then switches to teach His disciples (v22)
    • v37 - wherever there is a mass of spiritual and moral corruption – then the King will come
  • Brief recap of points:
    • The pharisees - were not genuine but curious - are we curious or sincere?
    • Have you understood that the kingdom of God is within all who believe?
    • Are you ready for that day?
  • Be safe in the arms of Jesus