May 26, 2019

One Thing

Passage: Philippians 3:1-21, Psalm 271:-14
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  • Personal anecdote about books
    • So many books
    • So many Christian books
    • So many things to learn
  • One thing ...
    • 3:13
    • The one thing that Jesus commended Mary for - Luke 10
    • It is the same one thing that the Psalmist desires - Ps 27:4
    • The pursuit of God - the enjoyment of the presence of Jesus Christ
    • Quote from Sinclair Ferguson
  • The Christian is a person of one thing
    • A pursuit of God
    • A single-minded obsession
    • The one thing - the one Person
    • Anything apart from this one thing is vanity and a waste
      • Those who pursue worldly goals are cheated
    • Quote from Knowing God by Jim Packer & JC Ryle
  • Three aspects to this one thing
    • A purposeful life
    • A prioritised life
    • A prized life

A Purposeful Life

  • Everything for the Christian is for the Lord
    • Examples
    • Do our actions honour or dishonour the Lord?
    • Everything must be judged by this single criteria
      • Is it helping me or hindering me towards heaven?
    • Quote
    • Even menial tasks can be done to the glory of God
    • All should be done for the Lord
    • Drudgery can be divine
  • Everything is to the Lord
    • We have a linear existence (from A to B)
    • We are going to heaven
    • Everything is tending to this goal
    • This must govern what we do
    • Are we neglectful of the fact that there will be an end?
      • What is the consequence of our sin?
    • What we sow now, we will reap in the future
      • James 1

A Prioritised Life

  • In pursuit of the goal there must be a certain structure
    • Things must be left behind so we can move forward
    • Paul has finally seen things how they are
      • v5-6 – his 'credentials'
      • v9 - they are 'down the toilet', they are rubbish, they are dung
    • We must prioritise our lives
  • We must put this into practice
    • Not by withdrawing from the world
      • Examples
      • We do not pursue communion with Christ by separating ourselves
    • "We are in the world but not of the world"
    • We must put aside all distractions
      • Heb 12:1-2
      • Example of driving
    • Paul knew he had to put aside all distractions - nothing else mattered to him
      • v3 - he takes no confidence in the flesh
      • He rejects legalism
      • He rejects good works as a means of getting to heaven
      • 4:6 - put aside anxieties and worries
  • We must leave the past behind - v13
    • Jesus says we must not look back
    • We are able to draw a line behind our sins
      • God has forgiven them
      • They are removed from us as far as the East is from the West
    • Our achievements - we are leaving these behind
      • They are nothing compared to the excellence of Jesus Christ
    • We leave our 'what might have beens'
    • We cannot dwell on the past
    • God is able to restore the years that the locusts have taken
    • Paul is reaching/straining forward
      • "We must workout our salvation with fear and trembling"
      • "Gird up your loins"
    • God is zealous for His own glory

A Prized Life

  • We enjoy prizes
  • There are rewards in heaven but the prize itself is heaven
    • Not a reward
    • It is the faithfulness of God that really keeps us
    • Do you feel as though you are wrestling towards heaven?
  • v14 - have we attained the prize yet?
    • No

Closing Prayer