June 2, 2019

How real is your faith?

Passage: Luke 6:43-49
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  • Anecdote of two jars
    • How do we react when caught off guard?
  • The passage:
    • Two people
    • Two trees
    • Out of the abundance of your heart the mouth speaks
    • If you have an unregenerate heart - eventually your true colours will be seen
  • Jesus us concerned with hypocrisy
    • A good outward appearance
    • Inwardly are dead
  • A very challenging passage
  • Jesus knows our heart
    • He sees things that others can't see
    • What is in the heart will be revealed in our speech
  • Overview:
    • v43-45 How you are determines what you produce
    • v46 The Orthodox confessions are not enough
    • v47-49 Only one way to stand before the judgment of God
  • Very straight forward and simple

How you are determines what you produce  (v43-45)

  • A good tree does not produce bad fruit
    • There may be seasons that produce less, but it will produce good fruit
    • A bad tree bears bad fruit
    • Initially fig trees and thorns looked similar, but as they grew they were distinguished
  • Jesus is saying we cannot change ourselves
    • If you are to please God you need a change on the inside
    • Cor 2:14
    • Sin is part of our nature and we have a tendency towards it
    • John 1:13 - people are born of God
    • Our nature is changed by God
    • v45
  • What comes from within our heart?
    • Jesus taught that it is not thing things from without that defiles us
    • The things that defile is come from within - our heart
    • Rom 3:13
  • Where is your heart?
    • Do not follow those who practice false lives
      • Matt 7:15-16, 20
      • Be care following those who do not live God honouring, fruitful lives
  • Recap
  • Challenge: Where is your heart this morning?

The Orthodox confessions are not enough (v46)

  • Many called Jesus 'Lord, Lord'
    • Many followed Him
      • There were numerous disciples
    • He was concerned they were practicing what He taught them
    • Matt has an extended version of v46
      • But have people really confessed Jesus as Lord
  • 'Lord, Lord'
    • A double confession
    • An orthodox confession
    • It is not enough to speak with your mouth but you must believe in your heart - Rom 10:9
  • A great danger: The 'altar-call' or decisionism
    • Not a scriptural tenant
    • Not to exclude those who truly believe
    • No guarantee that they are saved

Only one way to stand before the judgment of God (v47-49)

  • We cannot build on any foundation apart from Jesus Christ
    • They will know difficulty but they will bear fruit
    • On the final day of judgment they will stand
    • They will be taken up into glory
    • They are on a sure foundation - nothing can shake them
      • The devil cannot pluck them from the Father's hand
      • They cannot lose their salvation
  • A warning:
    • Those who heard the good news of Jesus but didn't repent of their sins
      • They had no foundation and the house failed
    • Jesus doesn't want people to plunge into hell
      • People standing on their own values and hopes
  • Is your life built on a solid foundation?
    • We have heard challenging things in this sermon - examples
    • How can we obey such wonderful and challenging words?
      • Only by God's grace
      • By giving us a new heart
    • Which tree are we?
    • What foundation do we have?
  • May it be that we are all found firm in Jesus Christ