May 26, 2019

Genesis 1

Passage: Genesis 1:1-31
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  • There is much confusion about our origins
    • The theory of evolution has gripped many
    • There is trouble with the theory of evolution
  • There is confusion with many
    • They ask does God exist?
    • Many have made up their mind that there is no God - but often many have no reasoning
    • Have we considered this big question?
  • Today we should see the might, glory and power of God
    • Who is God?
    • Do I know Him?
  • Genesis 1 is very important to the Christian
    • It sets the backdrop for all that follows
    • If we don't believe this chapters - the rest of the Bible loses credibility
  • The Bible is infallible
    • There is no other book in the history of this world that has changed lives as much
    • It is a wonderful book - about God
      • The first sentence starts with God
    • It is take as a matter of fact that God is
      • Not to ask if God exists
      • Ask better questions
  • The Bible shows us who God is
    • Greater than any equation or philosophy
    • It is our primary source
    • We cannot make up what we want about God
    • Anything that contradicts the bible has not come from God
  • How can we know God?
    • Example of Anne Frank
    • We can think of the bible as God's diary
    • Come and draw from this well

God is Eternal

v1 - In the beginning God

  • He is eternal
    • He was already there
    • He has no beginning
    • Before time God was
  • This is mind boggling and difficult to understand - it is beyond our comprehension
  • We need to know 'when' and 'where'
    • God is not held by boundaries or laws
    • God is self-sufficient and self-existent

God is Creator

v1 - God created the heavens and the earth

  • God created everything
    • Even to every little part
  • The triune God was present in Creation
    • The Spirit of God hovering on the waters
    • The Word was spoken - cf John 1:1-3, 14
    • The triune God created all things
  • Example of our building
  • Example of our bodies and nature
  • God created from nothing
    • Just from speaking
  • We can marvel at God's handiwork
    • v16 - nothing is too difficult for Him
    • How has such authority but God and God alone
  • God created science
    • Good science will not contra-indicate God
    • We cannot leave God out
    • Job - where were we when the world was created
  • There is a beauty and a symmetry / a plan / an order and purpose
    • First 3 days - creates and separates
    • Second 3 days - God fills creation
      • Then v26
  • God saw that all He had created was good
    • He is a God of perfection and order
    • He found pleasure in His creation - v31
    • Everything must conform to His standard
      • He knows what is best for us
      • We need God in our lives
      • Jesus said "without Him we can do nothing"
  • God does not want suffering
    • Ps 8:3-4
      • God cares for us
  • God made man in a special way
    • So he could know God personally
    • God cares for us
      • Some atheists say God doesn't care - He does
  • God should be glorified
    • Rev 4:11
    • Ps 19:1
    • Sinful man would rather believe a lie than face the truth
      • God is evident - there is no excuse - Rom 1:20
      • Rom 1:21-25
    • Example of Stephen Fry
  • Gen 1 is a clear declaration of who God is
    • Turn to your Creator
    • Isa 65:1c-2a
      • God stretches out His hands to us
    • Isa 55:6

Closing Remarks