June 27, 2021

Where is your refuge?

Passage: Psalm 61:1-8
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  • We worked in Japan for 8 years
    • How much do you know of Japan?
  • Many natural disasters
    • Example of earthquake
    • Example of typhoon
    • Example of another earthquake
    • Example of [false] alert of a missile strike from North Korea
  • You may not have faced these challenges
    • A global pandemic
    • Worries about daily life - finances, health concerns, family problems, job security
    • Where do we turn for refuge during these trials?
  • Take refuge in God - 5 reasons

He is Listening

  • v1-2
  • David feels far from God - maybe physically and spiritually
    • Have you felt that God is far away?
  • God is listening - v5
    • During the power cut after the earthquake - we saw all the stars we would not normally see
    • The mind boggles at the vastness of the universe
    • Yet the God who made all this - is listening to me and you
  • People in Japan clap to wake up their 'gods' in the vain hope that someone is listening

He is Strong

  • v2-3
  • Do we seek refuge in other people who are weak?
    • God is not weak but strong!
  • Example of tsunami monument
    • The warning was not heeded
    • The tsunami of 11th March 2011 overwhelmed the defences
    • Example of friends during this tsunami
  • God is a strong tower and fortress!

He is Gentle

  • He is not hard, cold and unfeeling due to His strength
  • v4
  • David wants to live in the same place as God
    • An intimate/close situation
  • Example of chicks under the mothers wings
    • An intimate/close situation

He is Generous

  • v5
  • David was given a heritage
    • God is generous
    • God promised the land to the Israelites
    • This is a foreshadow of the promised land we have in the new heaven and the new earth
  • Matt 7:11 , James
    • Rom 8 - The ultimate gift is Jesus Christ
    • God generously gives us His Son

He is in Control

  • v6
  • David is not saying that he will not die but that his throne shall be established forever
    • 2 Sam 7:16
    • Isaiah, Luke 1
  • Jesus us the King who will reign forever
    • Quote from Abraham Caipher
    • All the universe is His
    • Quote from Matthew

What does this mean - how do you take refuge in God?

  • Complete the sentence:
    • I feel safe and secure when...
    • It will all be okay so long as...
    • I can relax if and when...
  • What is our first port of call / where do we turn in anxious moments?
    • Example of worldly securities
    • What are we trusting in?
    • Do we pray to God?
  • Take refuge in God
  • We can take refuge in God because of Jesus
    • Explanation
  • We have such a wonderful refuge in God - why would we turn to anything else?
    • Take refuge in God
    • You will never find a better refuge
    • Trust in Jesus Christ and go to God
    • He will not let you down
  • Take refuge in God
    • Our response - v8 - obedience and praise