June 27, 2021

Hope as an Anchor

Passage: Hebrews 6:9-20
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  • Example of TV Show
    • Sadly many were left disappointed and some damaged
  • Where do you put your hope?
    • In the covid vaccine?
    • A sports person?
    • If we put our hope in something worldly, we will be disappointed
  • The Christian has a great hope
    • A great message that we are all called to preach
    • The book of Hebrews illustrates this great message and speaks of Jesus
      • Examples of what it shows us
  • Focusing on v13-20
    • 9 areas

God's Power (v13, v16)

  • Seen throughout Scripture
    • Isaiah 43-46 - reading select verses
      • God is not like us
    • Demonstrated through Elijah at Mount Carmel
    • Pharoah, Nebuzzhenar, Gideon, Samson, David, etc
      • There is no one like God
    • v16 - God is greater than us
    • John 1:14 and other examples in John
    • Ultimately displayed on the cross

God's Provision (v14)

  • God loves to bless
  • God's blessings:
    • Before the fall - examples
    • After the fall - examples
    • After the flood - examples
    • Throughout history
  • Many examples of God's blessings throughout Scripture - Psalm 136, John 1:16, James 1, Rom 8:28, Malachi 3:10

God's Promise (v14)

  • The promise given to Abraham who had to wait
    • Are we people that cannot wait?
  • He gives to those who wait patiently
    • Trust in His plan, ways and timings
    • Examples from Heb 11 - Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Issac, Joseph
    • Other examples - David
  • Do we fail to trust in God's promise to us and fail to wait patiently on Him?

God's Purpose (v17)

  • Is confirmed with an oath
  • Heb 13:8 - Jesus is unchanging
    • God's purpose is unchanging
  • Is clear to believers - revealed in His word
    • Examples
  • Is good - Jer 29:11
  • Is about what He is doing in us

God's Perfection (v18)

  • He cannot lie
    • Example of school lesson
  • God is good and perfect - this is the corner stone of our faith
    • Though it can be doubted by many
    • The Bible is clear on God's goodness and it is illustrated through scripture
  • Gives us hope and great encouragement
    • I need great encouragement
    • We have a great encouragement
  • We must hold onto this truth

God's Peace (v19a)

  • Hope as an anchor
    • An anchor to heaven - to move forward
    • Not an anchor in the sea - to keep us still
    • Example of the anchor man
  • A firm hope that cannot be broken
  • A secure hope that cannot slip
  • We cannot deny the faith and hope that is in us
    • I know this in my own life
    • Others can testify to this truth also
  • We have a peace that passes understanding
    • A peace that allows us to rest completely in God
  • No other faith offers a certain hope
    • They are based on human effort
    • Personal example - There is no certainty
    • This is why we are called to share the great gospel message

God's Place (v19b)

  • This is where our hope is
    • God's tabernacle
    • David wanted to be in God's presence - this is echoed in many psalms
    • The inner sanctuary - heaven
    • The curtain has been torn and we can now come into God's presence in Jesus Christ

God's Preparation (v20a)

  • We have a certain hope because Jesus has prepared the way for us
    • He has gone ahead as the forerunner
    • He has gone to prepare a place for us
    • We can follow Jesus to heaven
    • He intercedes for us

God's Priest (v20b)

  • Jesus - is God's priest
    • Priest and King
    • Melchizedek - explanation

Closing Remarks

  • All we need to do is put our trust in Jesus