September 12, 2021

The Value of a Soul (The Parable of the Lost Coin)

Passage: Acts 9:1-18, Luke 15:8-10
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  • Jesus was not like the pharisees
    • Explanation
  • He loved sinners - the setting of the three parables (v1-2)
    • The sinners "drew near" to Jesus
    • The "Pharisees and scribes complained"
  • Have you come to God because of His everlasting love for you?
    • Jesus came to preach good news to the poor
  • Looking at the second parable - The Parable of the Lost Coin
    • Each parable emphasises the joy in heaven over one sinner who repents
      • What a contrast to the pharisees and scribes
    • How will this week's message be different from last week - the lost coin and the lost sheep
      • Recap
    • To bring out something special - the value of a soul
    • Consider some Christian teaching behind the parable
  • Overview:
    • The value of all souls
    • The value of elect souls
    • The tragedy of self-deception

The value of all souls

  • Do you like singing the hymn - 'teach me the value of a soul'
    • Have you considered your soul?
      • Made in the image of God
      • Made for fellowship with God
  • There is tremendous value in being human
  • The silver coin
    • Scholars say it was part of a head-dress worn as part of a dowry
    • Others say it was necessary for bartering for goods
    • However - it was of great value to the woman in the parable
  • What does the Bible teach about the soul?
    • "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?"
      • What do we set our heart upon?
    • Jesus said there is great danger in riches
      • Are you going to live for the things of the world or live for God?
  • How important is your soul?
    • Matt 10:28-31
    • Luke 12:20
    • Luke 12:24
    • Jesus wept over Jerusalem as they rejected Him
    • God desires that all should be saved
  • Do you see how precious your life is?
    • Think of what it cost the Lord Jesus
      • Explanation
    • It cost Him everything
  • How will you respond this morning?
    • Will you ask for forgiveness?

The value of elect souls

  • Not all souls are saved - many perish
    • The wonderful electing grace of God
  • God has chosen us in grace
    • No-one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws you
    • Jesus calls all to Himself
  • Many are called but few are chosen - an outward and an inward call
    • Example of Levi, Peter, James, John, Nicodemus
    • Rom 8:30
    • John 6:40
  • The Apostle Paul - no greater example of the electing grace of God
    • Explanation
  • Heaven rejoices when we repent of our sin
    • You are God's forever

The tragedy of self-deception

  • The pharisees presumed they were righteous
    • v4 - "what man of you"
      • A shepherd was one of the lowliest jobs in Palestine
    • v8 - "what woman"
      • The pharisees and scribes - looked down on women
      • They were not allowed to be taught the law
    • They were complaining about Jesus sitting with sinners but God rejoices when sinners are saved
  • v7 - the 99 "just persons"
    • Jesus maybe speaking about the pharisees - as He was when describing the elder son in the third parable
    • A 'barbed' remark
  • What about you?
    • Is God's word narrowing down on you?
    • Will you confess Jesus' name?
  • If God is concerned about the one sinner - are we?
    • Example of Christian worker
    • People do a lot for material things - what burden do we have for the lost?