September 12, 2021

Our work and God’s work

Passage: Psalm 144:1-15
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  • Returning to the series - Complementary and Paradoxical Truths
    • Our Work and God's work
  • We have just sung about labouring for God
    • Do you feel that it is toil?
    • In once sense this is a good thing - there will come a day of rest
  • Christian work:
    • Not just about what we do in work
    • We serve the Lord each day - examples
    • The Whole of Life
  • Two dangers:
    • Thinking it all depends on us - a church can become very tired and work like mad
    • Thinking it all depends on God - as if we have no involvement leading to indolence
  • The truth:
    • The battle is the Lord's but He has called us to be soldiers
      • A sword for the Lord and for Gideon
    • Ps 144:1-2
  • Why now?
    • Looking at the Hallelujah Psalms
    • Considering the words of Howard about the tribe of Ephraim
    • We are restarting works
      • We should use every opportunity God has given to us
      • Examples
    • The key area - our day to day living

Some Provisos

  • Make sure you are holy
    • Sin in the camp - Example of Achan and the sons of Eli
    • If things are not right amongst God's people - how can they go into battle?
  • Make sure you are listening to the voice of God
    • We can work hard - but not at God's work
    • Example of working differently during Covid
    • We must seek God's will

God's Work

The Importance of God

  • v1 - David was victorious over Goliath as he went in the name of the Lord of Hosts
    • God had trained him
    • We all need training - Example of athletes and doing exercises
      • Do we train ourselves for godliness?
  • v5-8 – Look at David's dependence on God
    • He did not think he had the victory to win the battle
    • He was reliant on God
    • Example of Cory Ten Boom

The Importance of Prayer

  • v3 - David recognises that man is nothing / v11 - David recognises he has no ability
    • How little we pray
    • Without God we can do nothing
    • We must pray to Him
  • Praying alone is good but praying together is important
    • The apostles prayed together
      • The disciples continued in communion
      • They persevered in fellowship
      • They persevered in the Apostle's teaching
    • Attendance at the weekly prayer meeting is so important
  • Having prayed - we must go out to the people
    • We cannot just have prayer meetings

Dangers in Christian Work

Christian Pride

  • David understood he was totally dependent on God
    • Example of Sampson
  • Signs of pride:
    • We become possessive about our role
      • A failure to share, delegate and pass on
      • We are here to serve
      • Example of Barnabas
    • When we take glory / boast in our work
      • Ignoring the contributions of others
      • Thinking it is something we have done rather than God working through us and others
      • David recognised that it was God who would work - v11-15
  • When we don't give God the glory


  • It is hard when people lie about us and misunderstand it
    • Sometimes all we can do is pray
  • David knew this - v8 & v11
    • v9 - David has learnt it a little thing when people speak evil of him
    • Rather than be dejected and deflated - he will praise God
      • The devil's tactic is to deject and deflate us - to make us think we are worthless
      • Examples
    • Go to the Bible
      • God has prepared good works for us to walk in
      • Even if we are tired and weary - keep on, pray
        • Example

Our lives must not be bound up in our work

  • Example of David Lloyd-Jones
  • As Christians - our identity is in Christ not our work
  • v15 - the nation of Israel were joyful when their identity was in God and they were serving Him
  • God will forgive our sin (if we confess it)
    • Example of Peter and David

The Importance of Faith

  • v1 - David had faith in God
    • Hebrews 11
    • God's work must be done in faith
      • Examples
    • Example of Abel, Noah, Abraham
    • Faith is always linked to action
  • We are involved by having faith in the living God
    • "Paul planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase"
      • 1 Cor 3:6-7
    • Example of Joshua in the battle and Moses holding the rod of God

Closing Remarks