April 14, 2019

The death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus

Passage: Acts 5:30-33
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  • Opening remarks
  • To go beyond Palm Sunday - to the death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus
    • This is the heart of Christianity - explanation
  • Acts 5:30-33
  • Overview:
    • The Meaning of the death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus
    • The purpose of the death, resurrection and exaltation of Jesus

The Meaning

  • Notice to whom Jesus is speaking - the Pharisees and the Sadducees
    • Peter is intimidated but the first thing he says is that we ought to obey God and not men
  • Peter identifies with them
    • Not a new religion but the fulfillment of their religion
      • We must be clear today that Christianity is a continuation of the Jewish religion
      • The God of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament
      • Example
    • "The God of our fathers"
  • Peter speaks of Jesus being raised up
    • This was a position they diametrically opposed
      • The Sadducees didn't even believe in the resurrection
      • None of them believed that God had raised Jesus from the dead
    • He knows it is a central truth that must be proclaimed
      • Peter (and 500 others) were eye witnesses of the resurrection - examples
      • Peter and the other apostles were prepared to die for this (and martyred)
      • This truth was undeniable but the leaders didn't want to know
    • The leaders continued in their unbelief
      • They continued in the religious traditions despite losing power
    • Not an abstract doctrine
      • A person - the Man God
      • A person - not just believe but follow Him
      • The Church is not about rules of morality but about Jesus Christ (though we live moral lives in Him)
    • Are you ignoring Jesus?
  • Peter says the leaders had murdered Jesus
    • In one sense we are all responsible because of our sins
    • Peter charges them with responsibility
    • Hanging on a tree - Deut 21:23 a curse from God
      • Treated the holy One of God as though He was cursed
      • He is also saying that He was cursed hanging on the tree - by God because He took the sins of many
        • Do you see this is a blessing?
        • Do you see the immense love of God?
        • Do you believe this?
      • Our sin took Him to the cross and crucified Him
        • Ask for forgiveness
  • Peter says He was exalted
    • He went to the right hand of the Father
      • He was crowned with glory and honour
      • All of the shame, ridicule and dishonour was over - He sat as Prince honoured amongst the angels
        • He was made a little lower than the angels
      • God accepted His sacrifice and raised Him from the dead
      • He sits in the heavenly places - explanation
    • He is Prince
      • He is the Prince of peace
      • He is the Prince of life also
      • Prince - can be translated as author and captain
        • He is the principle, the first, the glorious one
        • Have you submitted to Him?
        • He has come to save you and wants Lordship over your life
    • He is Saviour
      • He is God and Saviour - this should give us hope
      • He came to save sinners
        • We are all sinners
      • Has He rescued you?
      • Call out to Jesus to be saved
  • Christianity depends on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Purpose

  • To give repentance to Israel
    • Jesus had come first for the Jew, then to the Gentiles
      • Acts 11:18
    • Repentance is a profound change of mind with respect to Jesus Christ
      • To understand that Jesus is like no other
      • God's very own Son
      • Lord
    • A change of mind with respect to yourself
      • To recognise we are a desperate sinner
      • A turn from sin
    • A very difficult concept for Peter's listeners to understand
      • They tithed, prayed and went often to the church - they were very religious
      • They thought they were accepted because of their tradition
      • Example of Gonzalez and Richard Bennett
      • God had already started to work in the religious leaders - Joseph of Arimethea, Nicodemus, Gamaliel
    • This is a gift of God
      • The gift of repentance
      • The gift of faith - cf Acts 6:7
  • The purpose is to give repentance and the forgiveness of sins
    • It is a gift of God
    • But we have a personal obligation to repent
    • "God commands all men everywhere to repent"
    • Have faith now - God will give you the gift of faith

Closing Remarks