April 14, 2019

Call to Christian Service

Passage: Luke 6:12-19
Service Type:


  • We are to look at how God called the 12 apostles
  • We are thankful that Henry has been called to Tabor
  • The call of the first Christian ministers to the Church of Jesus Christ
    • Jesus setting apart 12 men
    • A period of training
    • A time of sending (at Pentecost)
  • Jesus specifically calls us to pray for workers to be sent into the harvest field
    • Jesus gives us a template for prayer - 'Our Father'
    • We are not told many things to pray for specifically
      • Except to raise up workers for the harvest field
      • To pray for governments and authorities - to live quiet and peaceful lives (to disseminate the Gospel)
    • Our desire is for God to raise up workers

Praying for Gospel Workers

  • Jesus went out to pray all night - v12
    • v11 - Jesus was facing mounting opposition
      • The religious leaders were filled with rage
      • They were beginning to plot against Him
    • Jesus withdraws, goes to the mountain and seeks His Father's face in prayer
      • This is a good pattern for us
      • Seek God's face in prayer
  • The connection between the following events (v12-13) is stronger than the preceding events (v11-12)
    • Twelve whom He would train up and send out
    • He was praying for these new workers
    • He called them up onto the mountain
    • We read the name of 12 apostles, including Judas Iscariot (the traitor)
      • Why Judas the traitor?
      • The stranger mysteries and the fulfillment of the purposes of God
      • This should remind us that not all men in the ministry are saved
  • What was Jesus praying?
    • We are not told
    • He surely prayed for them knowing that they would face persecution (cf v22-23)
    • Praying for their usefulness and joy
    • Praying for them and their spiritual lives
  • Jesus always prayed
    • Some specific times are detailed:
      • His baptism, the Mount of Transfiguration, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Cross and before He chooses the 12 apostles
    • He was praying all night
    • The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing
    • We need special seasons of prayer
    • Gospel workers need our prayer
    • We need to pray for one another
    • We need to pray for those with responsibility or in leadership

The call to Gospel Work

  • The calling of the 12 - symbolic:
    • Replacing of the twelve tribes with the twelve apostles
    • A new leadership
  • Who are these people?
    • Insignificant men
    • Three sets of brothers
    • Four fisherman, one tax collector, one zealot
    • Six others who are relatively unknown
    • Uneducated men - not chosen for their ability
    • Not chosen for their godliness - but to glorify God
    • That through these weak vessels - they would glorify God 
    • Personal example, Moses, Jeremiah
  • Whom God calls He also equips
    • Example of the work in Moldova
    • The Spirit of God distributes gifts amongst His Church
    • It is the call of God
    • The Church need to recognise God's call on individuals
    • Not just the horizontal but the vertical
    • 1 Tim 3 - elders and deacons
    • Not everyone is called - there is a call from God

Training to Gospel Work

  • Mark 3:14 - The twelve are called to spend time with Jesus to learn from Him
    • They never asked Jesus to teach them to preach
    • They did ask how to pray
    • They saw Jesus' compassion on all people
      • The power of example is more informative than reading all the books
      • He does not turn away the multitudes after a night of prayer
  • They learn from Jesus for 2 years
    • A time of preparation and training
    • Cf with Paul, Joshua
  • Apostles - means "sent ones"
    • Sent in Jesus name and authority
    • Jesus told them they would bear much fruit
  • God bypasses all the schools of theology
    • God chooses the lowly of the world to glorify Him
    • Examples
    • God's grace will be sufficient for us

Closing Remarks