November 22, 2020

Savage Wolves

Passage: Acts 20:29-30
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Looking at our last study in Acts 20

The title of the message is Savage Wolves

Reading Acts 20:29-30

Acts 20 is full of wonderful truths

Warnings are often accompanied by glorious promises and wonderful truths

v28 – Particular redemption
v29 – Truth of Warning

Paul is concerned about those from without

Paul is also concerned about those from within

We should not be surprised when there are problems in church life
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Two character attributes of false teachers

Moral compromise – e.g. lust for sex (sensual), lust for power, (fraudulent, deceptive), lust for money
Their beliefs – e.g. contrary messages, speak what people want to hear, hard-line/separatist

Acts 20:29-30

This has happened in Tabor
It happens in other churches
Sadly splits arise


The signs to look out
The task in hand

The signs to look out

Concern for self and little love for God’s people

When people are concerned only for themselves, not for others or for the sheep
John 10:10-11 – Example of the hireling vs the Shepherd
Jesus is the Good Shepherd and gave His life for the sheep
But the false shepherd departs

Taking advantage of vulnerable situations

After Paul had left
Paul was strong, mature, godly – he would oppose false teachers
The church would be vulnerable when Paul was far away

Speak perverse things – because they want to draw disciples to themselves

Running down the present eldership and twisting what has been preached

Think they can do better
Parade their own achievements
Want others to follow them
Watch out for those who want ‘position’ in the church

Bringing in new ideas that unsettle the church

Example of Steve Chalke

The task in hand
What do we do?

Not overact

Example of US vote
Be balanced in our thinking

People must be free to disagree

With each other and the pastor
But do not run down biblical ministry


Have our eyes open
Listen to what people are saying
Have a well taught church

Paul went from house to house teaching
Paul taught the whole counsel of God (v27)

Read the bible daily

The elders

Look after your own lives – 1 Tim 4:12

Be men of God

Shepherd the church of God (v28)
Hold fast to sound doctrine and correct error – Titus 1:9-10
Shepherd the flock – 1 Pet 5:2-3

What happened after Paul left Ephesus?

Timothy became a pastor in Ephesus
Certain false teachers arose from without and within
However, in time the Church had become cold

Closing Remarks