November 29, 2020

Bound by God

Passage: Acts 20:22-26, Acts 21:1-14
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Looking at chapter 20-21
Paul has a huge drive in his life – a mini mission

He has to get to Jerusalem by Pentecost
The disciples plead with him not to go
He is compelled in the Holy Spirit

Paul’s great motivation was to serve Christ – no matter the consequence

What is our motivation?
What are our goals?
We must be careful that our goals do not overtake the goal of serving Jesus Christ


Bound by God to fulfill a short-term mission
Bound to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ
Bound to the people of God

Bound by God to fulfill a short-term mission

Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem

He had already fulfilled a Nazarite vow
cf Acts 18:21, 19:21

He was on a journey to Rome, but had to stop at Jerusalem on the way
Acts 18:20


Paul has been collecting gifts to distribute to the poor believers in Jerusalem
Paul wanted to tell them what God had done amongst the Gentiles

What do we make of Acts 21:4

Consider the actions of the prophet Agabus
Perhaps it was a test?
Paul is absolutely convinced that this is the will of God – Acts 21:4


Paul is sold out to do the will of God
He was following the Lord Jesus who had set His face to the cross

Even though Peter opposed this

Sometimes people might try to deter us from doing the will of God
We must take up our cross and follow Him
Maybe a short-term goal or burden given to us by the Holy Spirit
Fulfill what God has called us to do

Bound to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Acts 20:24-26

He wanted to finish his ministry
He knew his race would involve suffering – but wanted to complete the race

God had called Paul to preach the Gospel to the nations

Personal testimony – e.g. King Agrippa
Public preaching of the Gospel message – explanation


Do we love the gospel?

Example of Billy Graham

Have we gone cold?

We must ask God to revive our love for Him

Are we bound to the gospel

Bound to the people of God

Paul was bound to the Church (the people of God)

Acts 20:37

He lived the gospel and loved people

The people couldn’t help but love Paul, as he loved them

He stopped at the houses of God’s people

Acts 21:5, 8, 16

He found great joy with God’s people
He wants the people to be unified

Acts 21:20-24
He was happy to obey Jewish customs for the sake of unity
Galatians make the gospel message clear


We might need to do things that are not to our taste – for the sake of the unity of the gospel

Closing Remarks

Do we know the Lord Jesus?
Have we repented of our sin?
He will save if we call upon Him
Take up your cross and follow Him