July 31, 2022

Listening to God’s Word

Passage: James 1:12-27
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  • Are you a good listener?
  • What does it mean to listen well to God?
    • God speaks to us through His word
  • Overview
    • Why it matters how we listen to God's word?
    • How should we listen to God's word?

Why it matters how we listen to God's word?

  • "Swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath" – v19
    • A good proverb - as we are often the opposite
    • The opposite approach - how we often are - does not produce the righteousness of God (v20)
    • We must be slow to speak and listen well, listen to God's word
  • God's word is able to save our souls – v21
    • The Bible is God's word of salvation - not a quick fix manual
      • As such, it is a matter of life and death
      • A matter of eternal life and death
      • Example of testimony
      • Example of personal testimony
        • Ignoring God is sin and rebellion against Him
        • The punishment is eternal death apart from God
        • Explanation of the Gospel - Jesus came into this world, Jesus died on the cross in our place, Jesus was resurrected 3 days later to provide new life for all
    • God's word is implanted
      • Gardeners plant seeds
      • The word of God is likened to a seed - planted in people
        • As we humbly accept this word - it grows in influence and fruit, and the weeds have less pace to grow
  • Recap

How should we listen to God's word?

  • We can be both good and bad at listening to God's word – v23
    • Example of Wedding clothes
    • We can look into the mirror of God's word
      • What it tells us about us and about God
      • We look and then we turn away and forget
      • We continue as we were
    • Example of health problem with the doctor
    • We can read God's word morning and evening
      • If we do not act on what we hear - we are deceiving ourselves (v22)
        • We are not receiving the word
        • We are not growing in the life God's want
        • We are not honouring God
  • Walk in the path of the word of God – v25
    • As we do, we find blessing
    • Example of blessings
    • We will never be perfect listeners until we are called home
      • If we seek to be doers of the word, we can trust that God will help us
  • Examples from v26-27
    • Jesus always spoke what was right
    • He spoke to those marginalised
    • He kept Himself spotless from the world
    • He will help us to walk in His footsteps - He has given us His Spirit

Closing Remarks

  • Maybe your response is to take the first step on the path of responding to God's voice
    • Have you been coming for a long time but not responded to the word?
      • Respond today
      • Recognise your sin
      • Recognise that Jesus came to give new life, forgiveness and hope
      • Trust in Jesus today and ask for His forgiveness
      • He will lead you in eternal life
  • Maybe your response is to keep going, to continue to grow, to be doers and not hearers only
    • Take some time to reflect on how we come to God's word
    • Do we have any attitudes that stop us hearing God's voice
    • Pray to receive God's word with meekness
    • To reflect on our response after listening
    • Pray that the Spirit would help us to be doers and not hearers only
    • What blessing, spiritual fruit and joy would come?