July 24, 2022


Passage: Matthew 6:19-34
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  • Thinking about v25 onwards
  • Reading v32
  • It is a worrying time for many people
    • Examples - cost of living, war, personal health
  • It is good to look at what Jesus says about worry
  • Several passages about worry:
    • Matt 6
    • Phil 4 - we are to guard our hearts and minds
      • Example
    • 1 Peter 5
  • These verses were written to persecuted Christians
    • Jesus was speaking to ordinary people (in the Sermon on the Mount [Matt 6])
    • Example of the disciples who were dependent upon God's provision
    • Example of subsistence living
    • People in these situations could easily be overwhelmed with worry and anxiety
  • Being biblical - sound doctrine, living appropriately, worshiping God, church governance
    • What about our emotions, feelings and stresses?
    • Jesus wants us to be free of needless worry and anxiety
    • Sometimes we are the source of our anxiety
      • Examples
      • We cannot serve both God and money

Thinking ahead/planning is not wrong

  • God plans and applies His wisdom to His purposes
    • We have to make plans
    • Examples
    • Planning ahead should not be a source of worry
  • Worry can be come excessive
    • Are you pessimistic?
      • Personal example
    • Do you worry about the future?
      • We like to be in control
      • Example of weddings
    • Constant control and obsession - wears people out
      • Example of Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42)
      • Do we choose the better things / that matter the most?
      • Are our worries what we need to have or are they of our own making?

Advice on coping with worry

  • People are more important than things - v25
    • We are more important than things
      • Do not be obsessed with the outward
    • People are most important
      • Do not make judgments on how people are presented
    • People with little are often content
  • Christians are very precious to God the Father - v26
    • God makes provision
    • v28-31
      • Even Solomon was not arrayed like the beauty of flowers
      • Example
    • We are much more valuable than these / very valuable in God's sight
  • Worry is futile - v27
    • It does not even add one step to our lives
    • It will likely short our lives
  • Worry is a sign of lack of trust in our heavenly Father
    • The disciples have little faith
      • They need to exercise trust in God
    • Are we of little faith?
      • Are we growing in trust in God?
      • There were times when the disciples lacked faith
    • Do we find it easier to trust God as we have seen His faithfulness?
      • Examples
      • He knows what we need
    • Do we have trust and confidence in God?
      • He already knows our needs - and will provide for them
      • Example
  • Seek first His kingdom and righteousness - v33
    • All these things will be given to us
      • Example of George Muller
    • We can easily lose focus in our materialistic society
    • We are not concerned with the things that God has called us to
      • We are not focusing on the things that really matter
      • Psalm 37:25-26
      • Can you recount God's provision

Closing Remarks

  • We cannot change what will happen tomorrow but we can deal with today
  • Seek first His kingdom
  • Be like Mary and not Martha
  • Consider these words were spoken by Jesus - God provided for Him
  • Pray about your situations, worries and anxieties
  • God provides for us