August 9, 2020

Hope for a Weary Day

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
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Bible Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 | Preacher: Geoff Gobbett | Series: Visiting Preachers | Introduction

We live in unprecedented times – the current Covid-19 pandemic

What will the historians think?
It has not purged our sinful nature
Hostility remains to the Christian faith

The world is a dark place

Consider times before the 18th Century evangelical awakening
We are nearer to the New Testament morals than we have ever been
We live in a monolithic anti-God situation

Yet God did marvelous things with the New Testament Church
The things that happened in Thessalonica happened by the Holy Spirit

Looking at v9-10: Hope for a weary day
This is a very positive letter

There is hope for us in the gospel

It is hope inducing
However, if we take our eyes off the gospel – we will become discouraged


Six Things

1. It changes lives

It changed my life – personal example

It interrupted my life
It interrupted the lives of the Thessalonians (v3-5)
Has it changed your life?

What happened?

They turned to God (v9) …
… from idols (v9) …
… to serve the living and the true God (v9)

Those that don’t know God are idolators

There can be many idols – examples
Are any of these keeping you back from loving God
There is no co-existence between your idol and God
You must repent
You cannot go back to the world but you serve God

It changes lives

2. It displays the love of God

The Gospel shows us the love of Jesus

Jesus shows us the love of God – in His ministry

The Gospel is love speech

(It is not hate speech – examples)
Love for the lost
It brings hope

It displays the love of God

3. It highlights the sovereignty of God

Each conversion is a miracle of God

We are enabled to turn to the “living and true God, and to wait for His Son from heaven” (v9)
We are now called friends
The friendship of Jesus is closer than any friendship on earth

We must yield to Jesus

Heb 13:8
We must bow down to God
Personal example

It highlights the sovereignty of God

4. It magnifies His word

The Gospel is word centered (v5)

The testimony of the Thessalonians rang out
Is our live so Christ centered that people recognise this in us?

Example of the relay race

We are passing the baton onto the nest generation

It magnifies His word

5. It humbles man

How opposite are these words from the way of the world

Explanation and example

The gospel humbles
When Jesus Christ works in your life by grace – He humbles you

6. It points to final redemption

We are going to heaven and glory

We are to wait for His Son (v10)
It is not a fantasy – it will happen

Only Jesus rescues

You cannot be half in and half out
You must be wholly in Christ – otherwise you will be swept to judgment
Trust in Him – hold onto Him