July 24, 2022

Follow Me

Passage: John 1:29-51
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  • Looking at v29 to the end of the chapter
  • v43
  • One challenge we face today is sharing the gospel and seeing people convered
    • These verses are helpful and instructive to us
    • Jesus is the fulfillment of the Original prophecy
  • John speaks about the start of Jesus' ministry - day by day
    • This is encouraging for us
    • We can be overwhelmed by the task
  • Jesus' concentrates on individuals
    • People became disciples in different ways
  • Example of a testimony
    • The disciples had a testimony
    • We have a testimony
  • These are the first encounters these men have with Jesus

Proclamation of Jesus

  • John the Baptist's message was very simple - 'the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world'
    • He would be identified by the Holy Spirit
  • John the Baptist has reflected on who Jesus is - and knows He is God's Lamb
    • He proclaims this
      • We can be afraid to proclaim Jesus as the Saviour
  • The first day of his proclamation - nothing happens
    • We must not give up proclamation because there is no immediate response
    • We must keep on giving the same message
      • People's eyes are closed/veiled to the gospel
      • Example
      • The message of the gospel is a puzzle before Jesus opens our eyes
      • Quote from JC Ryle

Personal Encounter with Jesus

  • On the second day, two men hear Jesus and follow Him
    • They wanted to sit at His feet and listen to His teaching - as they had John the Baptist
      • They turned from John the Baptist to follow Jesus
    • They spent considerable time (several hours) in the presence of Jesus Christ
    • They had a profound assurance that they had found the Messiah
  • Bringing people face to face to Jesus
    • Not religion, church or anything else
    • We need to speak of Jesus
      • Example
      • People should recognise He means a lot to us
    • What book can we offer them?
      • A gospel
      • Ask the question 'who is Jesus' and 'is He someone I need to know?'
  • Personal Evangelism
    • One disciple telling another that they have 'found Jesus'
    • When you know who Jesus is, you have a natural desire to tell others
      • Example #1
      • Example #2

Direct Call of Jesus

  • Philip is called - "Follow Me"
    • People called during the pandemic - example
    • The uncertainties of the world
    • God prepares hearts - example
    • We are labourers together with God - example
  • Nathaniel - an encouragement to persevere
    • He pours cold water on Philip's assertion
    • He is not able to answer his question but says 'come and see'
    • Example of Aberystwyth conference - studying the word of God
      • The information does not make sense to Nathaniel who is a student of Scripture
      • His heart is opened by Jesus
    • We should not be put off - 'come and see'
      • We should bring people to Jesus
      • His true identity is being revealed (in the titles used of Him in this chapter)
    • Jesus tells him he will see better things
      • Do we believe this?
      • Do we have a lack of expectation of what God will do?
        • Example