March 28, 2021

Coming towards the end of ministry

Passage: Acts 28:1-16
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  • Gone through the book of Acts - we have come to the final chapter
  • Reading Acts 28:1-16
  • Coming to the end
    • Nothing human ever lasts - examples
    • Life is short - quote
    • Are lives are subject to God's will and must come to an end
  • Paul's life
    • His plan was to go to Rome and then Spain
      • In all probability his life ended in Rome
    • Romans 1:11-13 – He desired to go to Rome but his plans were thwarted
    • Romans 15:22-24
    • What hindrances do we have in our lives? - examples
      • Paul did not think he would go to Rome as a prisoner
      • Paul did not foresee a terrible shipwreck
  • Paul was a prisoner of Rome
    • Do prisoners get special treatment
    • He was used remarkably on the ship
    • Tremendous favour was shown him
  • Paul's life really counted
    • Do our lives count?
    • We are called to finish the race
    • Do we get things wrong? - example
    • Paul learnt to wait upon God

Our lives are invincible until God chooses to take us

  • A poisonous snake fastens on his hand when looking for firewood
    • God had said that Paul would testify in Rome - Acts 23:11
    • Do we realise that our days are ordered by God?
      • This should encourage us
    • Examples
    • This means we should trust God

Great men gather sticks

  • It is easy to judge a man on material matters - examples
    • God looks not at the outward but the heart
      • God sees the little things - the servant spirit
    • Paul did not expect people to do things for himself, he did things for others
    • The Lord Jesus Christ was a humble servant - Phil 2:7-8

Human judgments so often miss the mark

  • The native people first thought Paul was a murdered, then a god
  • Example of Hannah with Eli, the 'rival' altar, King Saul
  • How good a judge of character are we?
  • We should allow God to be the judge of people

God orders Paul's footsteps

  • Examples:
    • The natives showed these 267 strangers unusual kindness - whether it was just Paul and the smaller group, we don't know - v2
    • The leading citizen of the island entertains them for 3 days - v7
    • Paul healed through the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ - v8
    • God is using Paul's privileged gift and position as an apostle of Christ
    • They provided for their departure - v10
  • The blessings for Paul were really a blessing to others

Fellowship with other believers

  • Paul shares deep fellowship with other believers - v14
  • A delegation from Rome comes to meet Paul - v15
  • Quote from Bernard Lewis preaching last week
  • Personal example
  • Julius [the Centurion] must have been flabergastered at all he saw
  • Example from the book "Life Stories"
  • Example of listening online to Jesus Prayer and 'Behind the Stage''

Closing Remarks