July 26, 2020

Coming out of Lockdown

Passage: 1 Kings 18:41-46
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Bible Text: 1 Kings 18:41-46 | Preacher: Andrew Love | Series: Special Occasions | Audio File
0:00 – Introduction
2:50 – First Song (not on recording)
3:00 – Children’t Talk
6:40  – Second Song (not on recording)
7:00 – Prayer
10:45 – Bible Reading
12:50 – Sermon

Why was Elijah in hiding for 3 years?

Many of God’s people had departed from worshiping God
Ahab had begun killing God’s prophets

God commanded Elijah to hide

(Obadiah had hidden 150 prophets)
God provided food
God commanded him to go out of the land

After 3 years, God commanded Elijah to return to King Ahab

To challenge the false prophets
To challenge the people of God

The story is known well – explanation

The people of God fell on the faces and said “The Lord, He is God!” – 1 Kings 18:39
Elijah prays with confidence for rain (which God had withheld) – which comes
Elijah was convinced that ‘lockdown’ was over


Signs of Hope
God’s Sovereign Will

Signs of Hope

God speaks to his servant and tells him to go to Ahab

God’s word is coming again – after a time of silence and a lack of public ministry for 3 years

God gives favour to his servant Elijah before Ahab (who was a blood thirsty man)

He listens to Elijah – he was not killed!
He agreed to the contest of Mount Carmel
Elijah is encouraged by the reaction of the people of God falling before Him in worship

God provides a sign of hope in respect to the cloud on the horizon

God provides a great deluge
Elijah arrives at Jezreel before Ahab – he was given supernatural zeal (v46)


What about us?

We have been in lock down not for 4 years but 4 months

Physical signs of hope:

Give thanks for our government – churches are opening
Give thanks for the Oxford vaccine – though we don’t know what will happen with this

Spiritual signs of hope:

More people listening to sermons online
Gospels of John taken from our church leaflet box
Spiritual conversations
More people engaged in spiritual activities during the week – examples
Listening to sermons
Give thanks – pray that God would do a great work

Llanharan – 1858, Williams Griffiths – explanation
Consider Elijah

A man like us – weak, with health problems
God heard Elijah’s prayer – James 5:17-18
“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” – James 5:16
He persisted in prayer and God heard his prayer of faith
Oh that we would be stirred up to pray

God’s Sovereign Will

In chapter 19, not running in joy but in fear – explanation

He has descended into deep depression – explanation

Have you ever had your hopes dashed?


Elijah did not feel that God was being faithful

We saw last week how God provided for Paul – explanation
This was not true for Elijah who felt all alone

Elijah felt he was the only one left – 19:14

However, God has reserved 7’000 servants who had not bowed to Baal – 19:18

Elijah was mentally exhausted – in deep depression

God provided him with food and rest
God sent him to the mountain where He spoke to him
God provided a co-worker
God would provide a new king

Elijah had to understand that his ways were not God’s ways

Elijah wanted to die – 19:4
God had great plans and made great provision

Closing Remarks

Elijah had to trust in God
We must trust in God’s righteousness
Consider the song – ‘Before the throne of God above’
Let us trust in God’s sovereign plans
Let us learn from Elijah

God is still the same God

May we be encouraged as we come out of lockdown