September 20, 2020

You shall not bear false witness

Passage: Exodus 20:16, Deuteronomy 19:15-21, Ephesians 4:25-32
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Coming towards the end of the Ten Commandments

Very convicting
Especially this truth
How many of our words have been true, sincere and right?
James warns about the power of the tongue

Ex 20:16 – it’s strict definition is related to court

Yet there are greater principles that stand behind this argument
The whole issue of truth
What about unintentional misspeaking? – Yes
We need to come again to Christ, repent of our sin and request forgiveness


Why do we lie?
What form does lying take?
What damage does lying do?
How can we fulfill this law?

Why do we lie?

Often to gain some sort of advantage

Example of Jezebel/Ahab/Naboth

How does this apply to ourselves?
Example of staying off work, lying about time, altering figures, changing information

 Sometimes due to fear

Example of Abraham (x2) and Simon Peter

Sometimes necessary to lie: example of hiding Jews in the war and Rahab
Often this is not the case

To give a good impression

True religion is to tame the tongue

Holding a grudge

Personal example and example in the life of Jesus Christ

Ultimately because we do not consider God

What form does lying take?

Example of court
Other examples – CV, votes
Outright lies

Example of Potiphar’s wife
Making the victim the perpetrator


Deliberate over emphasis or misrepresentation of truth e.g. a worst-case scenario
Because we want to impress others – personal example

Selective language

Half stories and half truths
Hiding things that need to be said
Giving a false impression
Distorting truth – example of politicians

What damage does lying do?

It creates a culture of distrust

Example – Rom 3:8, John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus
Prov 12:22, 16:5, Rev 21:8
Do you see how seriously God takes lying?

How can we fulfill this law?

We can turn to the Lord Jesus

We are all guilty before God
Yet we can come to a God of all truth

God never gives false testimony
Jesus has never given false testimony

He only ever spoke the truth in love
He is the embodiment of truth

We are all guilty but God offers full forgiveness

Speak truth – Eph 4:29
Our tongue has great power

Closing Remarks