June 23, 2024

Without Me you can do nothing

Passage: John 15:1-8
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  • The context: a long discourse from Jesus to the 11 disciples
    • It is intimate - Judas has left
    • He has given much encouragement
    • He has promised the Holy Spirit
      • God within them
      • A counsellor to guide in truth and life
    • He promised them peace
  • Jesus knows the ruler of the world is coming (John 14:30)
    • The hour and power of darkness
    • Satan had no platform in Jesus' life
    • Satan can have a platform in our life - using things in our heart to draw us away
    • Jesus arises to do battle with satan (John 14:31)
  • Jesus starts to speak about vines
    • A peculiar saying "I AM"
    • The resurrection, the bread of life, the way truth and the life, etc
    • "I am the true vine"
      • Jesus was claiming deity with God
  • The Israelites understood this metaphor - to 'be the vine of God'
    • Isa 5:1-2
    • Jer 2:21
    • However, they had failed / were not
    • Jesus was everything that Israel should have been
  • Remaining in the vine - focussing on v5 "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing".
  • Overview:
    • Without connect to Jesus there is no salvation
    • Without abiding in Him there is no spiritual growth
    • In Him all blessings flow

Without connect to Jesus there is no salvation

  • A image of a dead/withering branch
    • It must be removed from the vine and is burned up
  • A frightening image
    • People may seem to be in Christ but have not repented of their sin
    • They know about God but the do not know God
    • They have no relationship with the living God and are spiritually dead
  • Every branch not in Christ is cast out and burned (v6)
    • People must repent, trust in Christ's salvation and know His forgiveness
    • Otherwise they will one day be cast into the everlasting fires of God
  • Christ has the grace and compassion to warn people
    • To reject Jesus is serious
    • We must give up on self and surrender to Jesus Christ
  • God rejects people if they reject Him
    • Saying no to His Son - Jesus Christ
  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour?
    • Are you vitally connected to Him?

Without abiding in Him there is no spiritual growth

  • 10 times the word 'abide' is used
    • Necessary for fruit and growth
    • Example of Dave Cook
    • Example of Colin Hart
  • An organic relationship - vine and branch
    • A living relationship with God
    • We keeps His laws because we love Him
  • We pray (v7)
  • We keep/read/meditate/practice His word
    • His word cleanses us (v3)
  • We keep the commands of God (v10)
  • Producing fruit takes effort - example
    • 2 Pet 1:5-7
    • Examples - pastor, the Gibeonites, the 2.5 tribes, running a race
    • We need our minds to be informed by the word of God
    • We need to be self-controlled
    • We need the fruit of the Holy Spirit
    • We need to keep going
    • We are known by our fruit
    • Having these qualities makes us efficient and productive
    • 2 Pet 1:8-10

In Him all blessings flow

  • We will continue next week

Closing Remarks

  • 'We' are the branches
    • Christianity is individual and corporate
    • Let us stay and work together
  • Next week: pruned to bear more fruit