April 4, 2021

Why the Resurrection?

Passage: Luke 23:50-24:8
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  • Example of Lee Strobel ... and "The Case for Easter"
    • Also believed by Lord Dennington, Lord Halesham, Lord Mackay
    • Example of The Lord Chief Justice
  • Have you sifted the evidence?
    • Have you asked questions about the living God?
  • Why did Jesus rise from the dead?
    • Considering different texts

To meet our deepest fears

  • 1 Cor 15:55-57
    • Sin had brought death into this world
    • The Ten Commandments reveal our sin and how far we have fallen short of God
    • There is victory over sin and death in the Lord Jesus Christ
    • Example of Habimus
  • Heb 2:14-15
    • Personal example
    • God gives you peace in natural fear of death
  • That we may face our deepest fears - to take away our fear of death

A proof of His deity

  • Miracles were a proof - examples
  • The resurrection - the final proof
  • A difference between the resurrection of Lazarus and Jesus
    • Only Jesus was raised to immortality
    • A prophet was present when others where raised but not when Christ was raised from the dead
  • Jesus is fully God
  • What is our response?
    • Are we like Thomas?
    • We must confess with our mouth
    • Confess and believe in Jesus and be saved

To fulfill prophecy

  • Ps 16:10
  • Isaiah references this
  • The Lord Jesus Christ on 3 occasions prophesied His death and resurrection
    • The disciples did not recognise these prophecies but the Jewish authorities did
  • 1 Cor 15:3-4
  • To fulfill Scripture

A proof the Father had accepted Jesus' sacrifice

  • Good Friday message - It is Finished
  • Rom 4:25
    • Jesus took our place on the cross and bore our sins and the full wrath of God
    • God was pleased with Jesus' sacrifice
    • God raised Him from the dead
  • There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus
    • Can you say that Jesus died and rose for you?
    • Do you love and trust Him?

Guaranteed the exhaltation and the glorification of Jesus

  • The resurrection is primarily for Him - for His glory
    • One day every knee will bow before Him
    • Rev 5:12

Guaranteed our glorification

  • The resurrection also guarantees our future glorification
    • Jesus if the first fruits from the dead
    • We are the crop that follows
    • 1 Cor 15:20
  • Death is temporary for those who believe
    • Example of Christian Song

To be the judge of the living and the dead

  • The apostles often preached with a warning
  • When Jesus comes again to the judge the living and the dead - there will be a final judgment
    • Hell is a real place that must be avoided
    • Jesus warned all to take refuge in Him
  • Are you trusting in Jesus?
    • Do not worry about what others think
    • Do not worry about the cost

Closing Remarks