June 26, 2022

Why go to heaven?

Passage: Revelation 21:1-21
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  • My text is found in v1
  • Do you think it is negative to talk about life after death?
  • v1-2 the New Jerusalem
    • Think of places that begin with 'New' - examples
    • If there is a New Jerusalem there must be an old one
    • Personal example - old & new South Wales
    • Places draw you near or keep you away
    • Places are known for what is and what isn't there
  • Why go to heaven - what is and what isn't there?
  • The starting point - when everything has passed away

The New Jerusalem - what isn't there (what isn't in heaven)

  • At least 15 things that are absent:
    • No more sea (v1)
      • No turmoil, no storms of life, no war, no restlessness
    • No more death (v4)
    • No more pain or sorrow (v4)
    • No curse – Rev 22:3
    • No night – Rev 21:25, 22:5, 21:23
    • No shutting of the gates – Rev 21:25
    • No impurity – Rev 21:27
      • Only those written in the Lamb's book of life
      • Could you be in your element without these things – Rev 22:15
    • Quote from Bishop JC Ryle
    • Heaven does not have the things that we 'love' on earth
    • Can you say Halleuljah for this?
    • There will not be sinners in heaven

The New Jerusalem - what is there (what is in heaven)

  • Prepared as a bride for her husband
    • The Church is like a wedding album with different photos, poses and sizes
  • God is there with His bride
    • The bride adorned for her Husband (v9-11)
    • God is there with His bride
    • The Groom is the Lamb of God (v9)
    • The guests will be there with the bride – 19:17
    • Rev 13:8, Eph 5:25-27
    • Personal example
    • Quote from song 'The sands of time are sinking' (v5)
    • Rev 21:23

Closing Remarks

  • Recap
  • Is heaven worth considering?
  • If you want to go there - you need to get your credentials from Calvary
    • You go to New Jerusalem because it is your home
  • Personal example
  • Where are you tonight?
    • Is your name written in the Lamb's book of life?
    • If not, cry out to God for forgiveness