April 25, 2021

Why fear man?

Passage: Luke 12:1-12
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  • As human beings - we all want to be accepted
    • The fear of man and rejection should not take precedence over right or wrong and God Himself
    • We should not fear people rather than God
  • Who do I fear?
    • Do I fear God or man?
  • Why fear the status quo? (v1-3)
    • Everything will one day be known before God
    • Beware of just following religious leaders and fit in
  • The passage begins with a large crowd, following on from pronouncing woes (see last Sunday's sermon)
    • There was a very large crowd - they were trampling one another
    • There were those who were there to see miracles and listen out of curiosity
    • There were others who loved and followed Him - His friends (v4)
    • Jesus speaks to His friends

Why fear the status quo? (v1-3)

  • Explanation of the leaven - the hypocritical way of the pharisees is spreading amongst the people
    • Examples
  • Is legalism alive today?
    • Example
  • Legalism is alive today
    • The legalist is hard/quick on others and soft on themselves
      • If we are honest - does this partly apply to us?
    • The legalist turns other peoples virtues into vices and their own vics into virtues
  • Reading v2-3
    • Num 32:23
    • Your sin will find you out
    • Also, your witness will go fourth
  • How are you at home? What is the real you?
    • We must be the same in all places
    • 1 Tim 5:24-25
  • Quick Recap

Why don't you fear God? (v4-7)

  • Our deepest fear is death - examples
  • Reading v4-5 - The fear of Hell
    • The worst can be done is the death of the body
      • Apostles and disciples were martyred
    • Jesus gives reason to fear God
      • He has the power to cast into hell
      • The word 'hell' is Gehenna - literally from the valley of Hennan
        • An evil and wicked place
        • Explanation
      • Example of the Hebrew midwives
  • Reading v6-7 - The value of human life
    • God can count all our hairs - He knows us through and through
    • He values us so much
    • If He values us this much, why do we fear God?

Why fear confessing Jesus before men? (v8-12)

  • Reading v8-9
    • Compare self-adulation vs confessing Jesus before men
    • Jesus made the same statement in different ways - quote
      • Explanation
      • Example of Peter
      • Quote from Norwegian believer
    • Are you ashamed of Jesus in different situations?
      • Paul was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
      • Quote from song
  • Expect persecution - but do not fear, Jesus will give us the words to say
  • Reading v10 - a warning
    • cf Luke 11:15
    • The religious leaders were attributing a work of God to satan and rejecting the work of Jesus Christ
    • Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven
      • When a personal final rejects/turns away from God
      • Not the same as a sinner finally repenting and receiving forgiveness
  • Reading v11-12 - the encouragement
    • Example of Stephen, Paul, Luther
      • We know that some fail - example of Thomas Cranmer
    • Examples of persecution / difficult days
  • The antidote:
    • Honour the Father
    • Honour the Son
    • Honour the Holy Spirit
    • God will stand with and honour us
    • Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves
    • Quote from Paul

Closing Remarks