November 3, 2019

Who has bewitched you?

Passage: Galatians 2:19-3:14
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  • Focusing on 3:1-5
  • Background:
    • Paul is burdened for the Churches in Galatia
      • We have burdens
    • As Christians we live with great joy
      • Sorrowful yet rejoicing
    • He had the care of all the Churches on his heart
      • Examples - inc the Judeisers
      • Paul preached that the gospel was by faith, not by doing the works of the law
        • God intended inward circumcision (of the heart)
        • The Christian gospel is about inward faith and the heart - not about external religious
      • Not Christ plus, but only Jesus Christ
    • The response to Paul
      • They initially treated Paul like an angel (4:14) and would have given him their eyes to help his visual problem (4:15)
      • They changed to treat Paul as an enemy (4:16)
    • Paul is so burdened for the people that he has a short introduction to this book and gets straight to his message - 1:6-7
      • Are we burdened for those around us?
    • Paul is so burdened he uses strong language
      • 3:1 - O foolish Galatians
        • How would we respond if a pastor said this to us?
      • 3:1 - who has bewitched you?
    • Paul's questions are designed to make the people think
      • Do we really think, consider and meditate?
      • Think about your beginnings?
      • What does implications does this have for your ongoing life?
      • Think of the ongoing miracles
  • Overview:
    • Their Beginnings
    • Their Ongoing Life
    • The Super Natural element of Christianity

Their Beginnings (v1-2)

  • Paul went on a long journey from Cyprus to Perga in Pamphylia to Antioch Pisidia
    • He preached a powerful message
    • He referenced the Old Testament
    • He preached Christ risen and resurrected from the dead
    • He preached faith in Jesus Christ
  • Paul continued his journey and went to Iconium
    • He preached the Holy Spirit and not the works of the law
  • How did you begin your Christian life?
    • Are you a Christian?
    • Do you remember how you came to faith?
    • Was it about you?
    • Was it about faith alone in Christ?
    • Do you know that you are in Christ? - examples
  • Paul was clear on how he began his Christian life
    • 2:19 - he died to the law
    • 2:20 - Christ lives in him
  • Cry out to Jesus today  - He will not turn you away

Their Ongoing Life (v3-4)

  • If you have begun in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit
  • Colossians - If you have begun in the Lord Jesus, continue in Him
  • A Christian is accepted through what Christ has done, not what he does
    • About faith in Jesus Christ
    • Not about performance
    • We are fully accepted in Christ - we cannot ever be more accepted
    • We must not go back to the law
  • Quote from Paul
  • Quote from Spurgeon and example of a life of faith
  • Not about doing away with the Ten Commandments or conformity to the law - we are to live in the Spirit, we will be made perfect in the Spirit
    • We are not to boast
      • Gal 6:14
    • Example of Blondin walking across the Niagara Falls
  • v4 - a warning
    • Hebrews - 'be very careful'
    • Paul is not doubting their salvation
      • He is railing against false teachers
      • We have false teachers today
    • Paul reasons with the people

The Super Natural element of Christianity (v5)

  • Example of the miracle cure of the crippled man in Lystra
    • By the power of the Holy Spirit
    • Not to do with the works of the law
  • Miracles to confirm the truth of the word of God
    • Paul urges them to consider their experience [of God's miracles]
    • We can look at revival

Closing Remarks

  • Beware of false teachers
  • Christianity is about knowing Christ
  • Be confirmed to Christ's death but know His resurrection life
  • Live in the Spirit
  • Live by faith