June 9, 2019

What do you want me to do for you?

Passage: Luke 18:31-43
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  • What do you want me to do for you?
    • Imagine if Jesus asked you this question!
    • This Jesus who claimed to be God
  • A staggering question
    • A question asked by Jesus to the man in the passage
  • For us - we might assume that one must hold some sort of power over the other
    • But here we have the King of Kings
    • It is typical of Jesus to give outrageous blessing to those who ask/do not deserve it
  • This is the same Jesus that is available today
    • If you do not know Him - come to Him now
    • Prayer
  • The theme is blindness - divided into two sections
    • v31-34 - the blind disciples
    • v35-43 - the blind beggar
  • Two truths:
    • Without Jesus we are all blind
    • How to See

Without Jesus we are all blind

  • Jesus takes aside His disciples and explains what is about to happen
    • Jesus has perfect vision - He knows what is going on and what lies ahead
      • Explanation
    • He knew more that the physical things - that we would take sin, stand in the place of sinners and bear the wrath of God
      • And yet He went there!
      • Because He is committed to and loves us
  • The disciples were blind
    • They couldn't understand these things - that He would be crucified
      • Even though this was the 3rd time He told them – cf. Luke 9:22 & 9:44-45
    • Jesus gives more information/details
      • Explanation
      • They just don't understand it - they are blind
  • We have to be careful in how we think or judge the disciples
    • It was hidden from the disciples
    • Jesus used a lot of figurative language
      • Examples
    • Jesus spoke often in parables
  • It is hard for us to understand how the disciples didn't see
    • Why?
    • The answer - the meaning was hidden from them (v34)
    • This raises more questions than answers - but three things to consider:
      • God the Father hides things from the pride and arrogant - Luke 10:21
      • Satan - has blinded the mind of unbelievers - 2 Cor
      • The wrong expectations of the disciples themselves
    • All three

How to See

  • v35-43 - speaks of a man that is physically blind
    • Bartimaeus
    • Also had a friend who was blind
    • He relied on his friends and others
  • He hears a whole crowd approaching
    • He calls out until he knows what is happening
    • He is told that Jesus of Nazareth is coming and his heart islifted
    • He knows He is the Messiah and the Son of David
    • He seizes this once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Jesus hears
    • Although Jesus is on the way to save the world ...
    • Although He is doing the greatest work in all of history ...
    • ... He pauses and spends time with this man
    • ... He asks Bartimaeus what he wants
  • Bartimaeus asks for his sight
    • Jesus touched his eyes and spoke a word
    • Bartimaeus believed in faith
    • His eyes were open and suddenly he could see
    • The very first thing he sees is the Lord Jesus
    • The people join Bartimaeus in rejoicing
  • The fact that Jesus heals him teaches us three things:
    1. Is a sign that Jesus is the promised Messiah - explanation
    2. A foretaste of how Jesus will one day put everything right - explanation
    3. If we are not trusting in Jesus we are all blind
  • People may take offence at being called blind - but Jesus was unstinting
    • Luke
    • Matt 23
    • God wants us to know the truth - without Jesus we are spiritually blind
  • Lets take a spiritual eye test - let us ask some questions
      • What is God like?
      • What is the meaning of your life
      • What happens to you when you die?
      • ...
    • If you don't know Jesus you likely won't know or won't be sure
    • Feelings and hopes are not sufficient
  • Are you happy lacking spiritual sight - with the world being blurry and things being fuzzy?
    • The passage shows us how to clearly see
    • This passage shows us how to be saved
    • It is so simple and free
    • To cry out to Jesus
  • We could learn many lessons from blind Bartimaeus
    • Seize every opportunity
    • Be persistent - don't let anyone stop you calling out to Jesus
    • To plead mercy
    • We must call out Jesus
  • What did Bartimaeus do after he received his sight - such a life changing event
    • He followed God
    • There is nothing like a life changing event