May 9, 2021

What do you value most?

Passage: Luke 12:13-21
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  • As people grow older they start to think about their inheritance
    • 2 Cor 12:14
    • It is a loving responsibility
    • 1 Tim 5
  • This week looking at v13-21
    • The parable of the rich fool
    • Warnings about the love of money, covetousness, living for self, not living for God
    • The bible places spiritual blessings above material gain
    • v34
    • 1 Tim 6:17
      • To be rich is not inherently bad
      • Give to those who have need
    • v31
      • Prioritise God and spiritual matters first
      • Let God provide for your material needs
      • Example from Scripture
      • Be not anxious
      • Examples of those in need
  • Searching questions:
    • Do your thoughts run after material things rather than God?
      • Do you enjoy material things more than God?
      • Do you enjoy a holiday more than a prayer meeting?
    • What is your attitude to loss?
    • If you came into a fortune how would you use it?
  • This passage should make us think about these questions
  • Further questions:
    • Would you resent your parents going into a care home and using up the inheritance?
    • If churches disclosed tithes - would you be ashamed?
  • Giving should be free and voluntary - from the heart
    • Do we have a light hold on money?
    • "You cannot serve God and mammon"
  • Overview:
    • The Context
    • The Content
    • The Challenge

The Context

  • Jesus has been teaching the disciples about persecution
    • Encouragement in v6
    • Fear God not man
  • A person from the crowd interrupts
    • This person has not been listening to what Jesus has said
      • Have you been like that when you come to church?
    • He has a personal concern over the family inheritance
      • He feels there is only one course - go to Jesus for advice
  • Jesus' reply:
    • v14 - Is it a bit harsh?
      • Jesus did not come to sort out financial/family matters - there were people for that
      • His task was to preach the Gospel of good news
    • Yet Jesus could see this man's heart and could see he had a problem with covetousness
      • v15
  • An interruption by a man that is consumed with personal matters
  • This was not the only thing/teaching gave that day
    • An encouragement to read the Bible in chunks

The Content

  • Very straight forward
    • Some say this passage deals directly with retirement
    • It certainly gives us food for thought as we plan for the future
  • This man is planning for the future
    • He has an excess – v17-19
    • How many times does 'I' or 'my' appear?
    • He is not concerned with others - he is selfish
    • A materialist and hedonist
  • God's rebuke
    • v20-21
    • The day of judgment - renders material possessions pointless
    • A man's life does not consist in the abundance of things he posses
  • That God would help us to love Him and to love others

The Challenge

  • We have had lots of challenges
  • What do you value most in life?
    • Have things become more important than people?
      • Have you trampled over people?
    • Have things become more important than God?
    • Example of squabble over an inheritance
  • How do you spend your money?
    • Do you indulge yourself?
    • Do we freely give?
    • Prov 21:26, Ecc 5:10
  • What would people from poorer nations say about us?
  • What is your attitude to wealth creation?
    • Preaching of Bishop Latimer
    • 1 Tim 6:7-10
      • Paul gave examples of those who walked away from the faith
  • Do you act as though you can control your own destiny?
    • Example
    • Our life is not our own
    • Some have tried to preserve their lives

Closing Remarks

  • In the end - what matters is your response to the Lord Jesus
    • Is He Lord of your life?
      • Explanation of Jesus Christ
    • Have you bowed to Him?
    • Have you trusted in Him?
  • Jesus welcomes all to Him
  • Trust in Jesus for your salvation