November 24, 2019

The Way of Salvation

Passage: Galatians 3:6-18
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Bible Text: Galatians 3:6-18 | Preacher: Andrew Love | Series: Galatians | Introduction

Did you wonder what the passage was about?

Some parts of the Bible are easier to understand
Some parts of the Bible are more difficult to understand

Some ask if the passage is out of date?

It is not out of date – it is bang up to date!
It needs to be preached in many churches
Example of survey results

The church of Galatia had been infiltrated

Many Jews had believed…
…but wanted to add Jewish tradition (e.g. circumcision and the Mosaic law)
Not “faith plus”
The Bible teaches “faith alone”

Rom 3:6, 3:10 – we have all sinned and fallen short

How can we be justified and made right in the sight of God?
In the finished work of Christ
By faith in Christ
John 3:16
The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord
Salvation is a free gift received in faith


Will produce good works
Will result in a holy life

Doctrinal section

Chapter 1-2: Paul defending his position as an apostle
Chapter 3: Reviews the Scriptures

The Old Testament – Abraham believed God, consider Leviticus, Deut, Habbakuk
There is only one message in the Bible

Previously: 3:1-5 – a strong rebuke issued by Paul

v1 – Who has bewitched you?
v2 – How did your Christian life begin?
v3-4 – How did they continue in their Christian life?
v5 – How did the Holy Spirit work in their Christian life?

Now: v6 – straight to the Scriptures

Not your background but faith (v6-9)

v6 – The Jewish people placed great importance in their father Abraham

They considered themselves the children of Abraham
They were the children of God

Paul points out that Abraham believed God

He was initially a pagan man called from the Ur of the Chaldeans
He believed God and went
God made promises to Abraham
Abraham wonder how this would be accomplished
He had faith in God – 14 years before he was ever circumcised!

Abraham was made right with God simply by faith

People are made right with God by faith

John 8:32-44

Following your family religion or tradition – does not save
v32 – The truth shall set you free
v33 – They were offended are being told they were in bondage
v34 – They were in bondage to sin
v37 – They did not receive God’s word
v39 – They considered themselves Abraham’s children and not God’s children
v41 – They cast aspersions on Jesus’ birth
v43 – They were not able to listen to His word

Do you list to God’s words?

v44 – The devil was their father

The Jews were holding onto their religion
Christianity brings a gospel promise – believe in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved

Have you believed?

v7 – Only those who have faith are children of Abraham
v8 – The Scriptures state the Gentiles will believe

They ‘preach’
cf John 8:56 – Abraham saw the day of Christ
Example at Mount Moriah

v9 – Those who believe are of the worldwide Church
Application: not about our background but our faith in Jesus Christ

Not just a Christian ethic but trusting in Him

Not the deeds of the law but Christ (v10-14)

Consider last weeks sermon [on the fall]
v10 – All are guilty, all have sinned

The law was given to show us how sinful we really are

Yes, it would act as a restraint as well

God requires perfection

God’s curse and hatred is toward sin

If you break one area of the law, you break all the law

v11 – Habbakuk – the just shall live by faith
v13 – Jesus took our sin and curse to the cross …
v14 – that the blessing of Abraham and God may come upon us
Application: faith alone

A certain promise (v15-18)

We cannot trust politicians – examples

We live in uncertain times
Our health is uncertain – example

We can trust God

The covenant promises of God
v15 – Consider man’s binding covenants – consider God’s binding covenants
v16 – God promised Abraham

There would be a single seed – Christ

v17 – Christ

This was the first promise
This was the first covenant

v18 – An inheritance in law, is not of promise

But God gave inheritance by promise

Application: we live in turbulent times but we can depend on Christ