October 27, 2019

The Super Exalted Saviour

Passage: Philippians 2:5-11, Hebrews 1:1-14
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  • Have you ever read a book and heard its voice in your head?
    • To then be surprised by the voice of the author?
  • The title: the Super Exalted Saviour

He is Highly Exalted

Phil 2:5-8

  • He is highly exalted
    • Therefore, God has highly exalted Him
      • The Greek denotes an exceptional exaltation
    • There is no more exalted than Jesus
      • His name is more better than the angels - Heb 1
      • Jesus' name is most honoured
    • Rev 5:13 - He receives the same worship in heaven as that of the Father
      • Rev 22
    • John 17:5
    • He is exalted by inheritance and native right
  • How do you think of the Lord Jesus Christ?
    • A good but misunderstood man?
    • He is the eternal God - John 1:1
    • He is ascended to the Father and is the super exalted one
    • Do not sell Jesus Christ short
    • Do not miss His glory
  • He is Sovereign God
    • He is worthy of all our praise

He is Seated

Heb 1

  • He is seated
    • The eternal reality
    • He has Himself dealt with our sin
      • No High Priest could deal with his own sin
      • He purged our sins
    • No seats in the Tabernacle
      • The High Priest had no seat 
      • Their work was never finished - it continued every year
    • Heb 4 - Christ is the perfect High Priest
    • Heb 7:24 - His is an unchangeable priesthood
    • Heb 6:8 - The Mediator of a new and better covenant
    • Heb 9:12 - He entered the Most Holy Place with His own blood
  • He sits on the throne of glory
    • Heb 9:24
    • Heb 10:12 - He sat down at the right hand of God
    • Jesus pleads His blood on our behalf
    • Jesus' work is finished - it is the final sacrifice
  • He sits at the right hand of God
    • Heb 1:3
    • 1 John 2:1-2
    • We must not walk away from Him
      • We must turn to Jesus Christ and repent
      • There are no answers in the world
      • The answer is only found in Jesus
        • We are to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations - examples
  • He is enthroned (on the throne of Glory)
    • Rev 3:21
    • 1 Co 15:25
    • He is gloriously on the throne of heaven
      • Non can withstand Him
      • Even though our world seems to be falling apart
        • Set your mind of things on high
        • We have absolute rock solid certainty
    • God is on the throne
      • Do we have a 'theology of suffering'?
      • We can always trust in Christ
    • Rev 22:3
    • Rev 7:17
    • The Trinity - Jesus Christ is on the throne of God
  • The throne is eternal
    • There is grace
    • There is power - we cannot understand
    • There is security - God will keep us

He is Worshiped

  • Philippians
  • All will bow
  • Heb 5:13
  • He is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the eternal one
  • He is the focus of the worship of heaven
  • We are joining our worship with other Christians
  • We are joining our worship with the church already in the presence of God
  • Do all to the glory of God