July 14, 2019

The Strangest Reaction of All

Passage: John 6:22-42
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  • Looking at verse - v41
    • The Jews then murmured against Him because He said "I am the bread which came down from heaven"
  • How we react to a variety of circumstances is a telltale of the real you and me
    • Examples
    • Example of Job - to his loss
    • Example of Peter - to Jesus death (Mark 8:31:32)
    • Example of fellow believer
  • The reaction of the Jews
    • They had heard he was the bread of life
      • They murmured against him
    • This passage occurs after the feeding of the 5,000 (listed in all 4 gospels) - the Jews wanted a repeat of this show
    • The initially wanted to take Jesus by force and make Him king
      • Jesus withdrew
      • This was not Jesus' plan
    • Yet the Jews sought him out again (v24-25)
      • It was encouraging that they were seeking Jesus
      • But they were not seeking Him truly or sincerely, with right motives
        • They were seeking Jesus with wrong motives
        • Personal Example
      • Jesus wants us to seek and find Him - but for the right reasons
        • The most damaging dishonesty is that of ourselves
  • v38-40
    • Yet they murmured and grumbled against him
    • Why? - Because they never knew the living God

Their Diligence was aroused but not faith

  • They were committed in seeking Jesus
    • Jesus had previously sent the multitudes away but they returned
    • They followed Him to Capernaum
    • Crowds are not always good - personal example
  • They were not seeking Jesus for Himself
    • It can be a temptation for churches to do anything to get a crowd

Their curiosity was aroused but not faith

  • They had seen one miracle but one wasn't enough
    • They had a taste for miracles
    • Personal example
  • Jesus is portrayed as the discerning and loving Saviour
    • Have you come to Him?

Their motives were aroused but not faith

  • Our reactions reveal our motives
    • A profound passage - 1 Chronicles 28:9
    • We pray to God - James 4:3
  • Are you seeking the Lord?
    • Make sure your motives are true
    • Do not murmur like the Jews
    • We all have hungry hearts
  • Jesus satisfies completely - v35
    • Famous musicians die
    • They often die early as they are trying to fill their soul with drugs and alcohol

Their carnal appetites were aroused but not faith

  • They wanted another miracle
    • They were still hungry
    • They said the Moses gave the bread from heaven
      • v32 - God gave the bread from heaven
  • People have starving souls
    • v35 - have you embraced these words and are you enjoying the benefits in your life?
      • Not to hunger and not to thirst
  • Will you come to Jesus?

Closing Remarks - "Your
reactions are showing"