August 4, 2019

The Garden of Eden

Passage: Genesis 2:1-25
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  • People have rejected the biblical story of creation, of life, of our origin
    • People say that this reality does not match their experience
    • People say that it is intellectual suicide to believe Gen 1-2
  • The Bible is infallible
    • Do you hold fast to this word?
  • Gen 2
    • It broadens the story of creation - the 6th day zoomed in
    • It outlines a perfect world
      • No sin
      • God and man are in perfect union
    • So beautiful and stunning - alien in our world today
  • Overview:
    • Beauty of life in the Garden of Eden
    • People's Objections
    • Future Hope

The Beauty of life in the Garden of Eden

Four Characteristics

A beautiful place specially prepared by God

  • God was the original gardener/creator
  • A pleasant place, good for food
  • Everything immaculate and beautiful
  • A real place v10-14
  • In Eden we can see God gives us all things richly to enjoy
  • The name Eden means paradise

A place of enjoyable work and loving service to God

  • In the Garden of Eden work was to be enjoyed
    • cf Gen 1:26
    • We are to have dominion over all creation
    • v15 - "To tend and keep it"
    • v19 - responsibility of naming all the animals
    • It pleased Adam to obey God
  • Rest
    • v3 - God rested on the seventh day
    • This was the pattern Adam followed
    • This rest glorified God

The liberty and freedom given to man

  • God created man to be free
    • v16 - the freedom of choice
    • The freedom of ability
    • The freedom of enjoyment
    • v17 - freedom of choice
      • Choice is the ultimate symbol of freedom

The beautiful relation and perfect companionship of man, woman and God

  • v18 - it was not good for man to be alone
    • v7 - God shows a desire to be relational to the man He has created
    • Other animals were not suitable
  • v20-22 God creates woman
    • A perfect fit
    • Both created in God's image
    • Created differently
  • v24 - The man was made to love the woman
    • Serving each other in their defined roles
    • Marriage
  • v25 - Man and woman could live and love without guilt in the ever presence of God
    • Man and woman in seamless union

People's Objections

  • Many people have objections and question the authenticity of the Bible

A beautiful place specially prepared by God

  • Too mystical
  • They see a world that is always changing
  • They would have accept there is a divine creator - there is a God they need to submit too

A place of enjoyable work and loving service to God

  • Some question the simplicity of life in the garden
    • It would be too primitive
  • Working in the garden is not self-seeking
    • Not for reward
    • For God's honour and glory
    • Why should someone devote their lifes work for someone else, especially an unknown being called God

The liberty and freedom given to man

  • People say that ultimate freedom is unrealistic
    • However, people often object to Adam's desire to obey God
    • Why would a free man submit to someone, something else, even to God

The beautiful relation and perfect companionship of man, woman and God

  • People refuse to accept the order of creation
    • Man first and the woman second
  • People refuse to accept that the only helper compatible to man is a woman
    • Many condemn the Bible because of its stance on sexuality
  • To accept God's authority would mean submitting to His authority

Why are so many people against God?

  • Arguing against these objections is fruitless
  • The simple answer is sin
    • It has made us wise in our own eyes reducing God's wisdom to foolishness
    • We have been tainted by sin
      • cf Gen 3
    • We are Adam's children and living in sin
      • We are quick to judge God and the Bible
    • Adam and Eve were cast out from God's presence
      • We are cast out because we remain in rebellion against God
      • Jer 17:9
    • The sinful world hates God
      • The world is intolerant to the Bible's teachings
      • Our progressive world is totally against the life God intended for us
    • Our inherent enmity to God

The Future Hope that every Christian has in the Lord Jesus

  • Gen 2 tells us of the wonderful communion of a life lived with God
    • Sin has created an ever widening chasm between us and God
  • Gen 2 should cause to seek a relationship with God
    • We should put aside sin
    • We should desire the wonderful relationship in the garden
  • Our sins must be dealt with
    • Gen 3 and onwards - God unfolds His great plan of redemption
    • To bring us back to Himself, to a better Eden
    • God came down to earth in the person of Jesus Christ
      • Explanation
      • 2 Cor 5:21
      • Eph 1:7
      • Gal 1:4
  • There is a heavenly place being prepared for us by Jesus
    • Rev 21
    • A place only prepared for those who are His - who believe in His name, who faith and hope is entirely on His finished work on the cross
  • There is another place prepared
    • Hell
    • For those who reject
    • It is not the antithesis of heaven
    • The reason for hell is because of sin
    • A terrible place - of eternal shame, no mercy from God, a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth
  • If Jesus has taken hold of you there is much to look forward to
    • Servants of God - true Christians enjoy serving God
      • Rev 22:3
    • Jesus has set us free
      • John 8:31-32,36
      • Gal 5:1
      • Saved Christians are truly the freest people on earth

Closing Remarks

  • Rev 21:2-6