July 28, 2019

The Difference Jesus Makes

Passage: Mark 5:1-20
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  • Example of taxi driver
  • A story of a troubled man who has an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ
    • An extra dimension: he was filled with demons
  • How do we interpret this?
    • In a psychological way? - a wrong approach
    • Real spiritual beings that inform a simplistic evangelical approach - a wrong approach
  • Why did Mark include this story?
    • Marks is making a special case that Jesus is not just an ordinary man - He has authority
      • He has authority over evil spiritual beings
      • This point will help inform our Christian life and outworking
  • v15 - to see the three changes in his life as a result of his encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ
    • Challenge: have you had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ?
    • Three things that will happen if you do have an encounter with Jesus Christ

Turmoil into Tranquility

  • He is now sitting
    • Previously he was running around, he was expelled from the city
  • He is at peace:
    • With other people
      • No peace in yourself affects relationships with others
        • This has been the case from the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden
          • Gen 3:12
        • We blame other people
      • People are coming to this man (because he is at peace with God)
    • With himself
      • No longer tearing off his chains or cutting himself
        • Example
        • The Gadarene demoniac was in a similar state
    • With God
      • Ever since the fall people are enemies of God
        • There is no neutral position before God
        • We all need to be made right with God
      • We have peace through 'justification' - explanation

Disgrace into Dignity

  • He is dressed
    • Previously he was tearing around the tombs stark naked
      • People were naked in the Garden of Eden but a covering was given to them
  • Our society is becoming increasingly shame orientated
    • Not guilt orientated
    • Body shaming - especially on social media
      • Affecting a lot of young people today
      • People can feel like damaged goods
      • People can feel 'de-personed' - Quote from Monica Lewinsky
  • He felt shame
    • He was a blight on society
    • He may have been a foil for others
      • 'I'm not perfect, but I'm not like them'
  • Adam and Eve felt shame so covered themselves with fig leaves
    • God gave them animal skins
    • Some people feel our shame is self-imposed
    • We cannot go back to the fall but we can look forward to a day when we will be dressed by God himself
      • Rev 21:1-2
  • We can be given the righteousness of Christ for our covering 
    • We can all experience this in our lives
    • This is the only way to overcome this shame and guilt
    • This man had experienced a change in his heart

Confusion into Clarity

  • He is in his right mind
    • His thinking previously had been false, futile/fruitless, frustrating
  • False thinking:
    • Nothing that we think is not affected by sin
      • Everything we think is affected by sin
    • Example of Lord of the Rings
    • This is what it is like for every human being
      • We are irrational in our thinking - examples
      • Sin corrupts our thinking
  • Futile/fruitless thinking:
    • "As a man thinks, so he is"
    • Bad thinking leads to bad living
    • People became depraved
      • Example of Rome
      • Example of modern art
    • Our culture has become corrupted
  • Frustrating thinking:
    • Life doesn't make sense
      • Personal example
      • It is often difficult to admit we are on the wrong path
    • This happens with sin
      • We have to admit we are on a wrong path and turn around
      • Example of well known author

Closing Remarks

  • Challenge: have you met the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Example of taxi driver
  • You too can be changed by Jesus Christ