July 21, 2019

The Christian Life

Passage: Haggai 2:1-9
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  • Being a Christian is not easy
    • There are often discouragements
    • God's work is often beyond our means
    • Quote from John Bloom
    • It is okay to feel weak and inadequate - but this is not meant to lead to discouragement but to surrender all to God
  • We see a people laden with discontent and discouragement
    • We see God who encourages, strengthens, is present and works for the furtherance of His own Kingdom
    • We need to rely on God
    • Psalm 127:1
  • Overview - (four parts/steps):
    • v1-2 God recognises our discontent
    • v3 God exposes the situation
    • v4-5 God demands strength and encourages us with the Spirit's presence
    • v6-9 God takes ownership of the task

God recognises our discontent (v1-2)

  • Reading v1-2
  • God needs to speak to the people:
    • Only a month has passed since Chapter 1
    • The temple is still in ruins
  • People would have been celebrating in this special month
    • People would have be reminded of former times in the temple
    • The temple was originally dedicated in the same month
  • God speaks through Haggai
    • He is quick to intervene (it has only been a month)
      • God does not let them fall into deeper despair
      • Lesson: God makes Himself known when we first become discontent
    • We often do not recognise this and fail to commit out troubles to Him
      • Discouragement can lead to disregard of God's work
      • Example
    • We are to keep coming back to God - who speaks to all (the leaders and the people)

God exposes the situation (v3)

  • Reading v3
  • Ezra 3:11-15
  • The people thought they could not build the temple to the same standard as before
  • God does not hide the reality of the situation
    • There is a necessity of life to face things head on
  • The truth of the present must be seen and the truth of the past cannot be brushed under the carpet
    • Example of Wales
    • We are to leave the past behind and move forward
  • God provides an exhortation [see below]

God demands strength and encourages us with the Spirit's presence (v4-5)

  • Reading v4-5
  • Be strong and work
    • He says this to the people
    • He says this to us
      • It is our responsibility to take courage
      • We must desire to be strong in the Lord
    • Joshua 1:6-7,9,18
      • Joshua faced unfavourable comparisons with Moses
    • This is a command (cf Joshua 1:9)
    • We must be strong despite discouragement
  • God is with us
    • Josh 1:13 - we can be strong because God is with us
    • Psalm 46:10
    • He will lead us in each step
      • It is not what is in is us, but because God is with us
      • Our strength and courage comes from knowing that God is with us
    • No-one can overthrow God
    • Do not look through your human and material resources
      • 1 Chronicles 28:20
      • Remember God's words
      • Remembers God's promise that He will never leave us nor forsake us
    • A reminder of God's faithfulness (v5)
      • Exodus 29:45
      • Example
      • His Spirit remains with us
      • We are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise

God takes ownership of the task (v6-9)

  • Reading v6-9
  • "The Lord of Hosts" - stated multiple times
  • God will shake (v6)
    • God is taking ownership of the situation
      • God is about to move
    • God will supply the materials needed
    • There will be a final shaking
      • Hebrews 12:25-29
        • God is removing whatever can be destroyed
        • The Kingdom cannot be shaken
    • There will be an impact on the nations
      • Political situations will be disturbed
      • We should view political situations in the power of God's divine intervention
  • The results (v7)
    • The treasure of all nations will come forth
    • The "Desire of All Nations" - the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ
      • Not directly speaking of Jesus - Scriptures says He was rejected and despised
        • Isa 53:2
        • John 1:11
      • Indirectly speaking of the effects of the Lord Jesus Christ
        • Example
        • Rev 21:26
    • The temple would not be as outwardly impressive
      • God would fill the temple with His glory
        • His indwelling presence
      • The gold and silver belonged to God
        • He would fill the temple with His own presence
        • Do we recognise the glory of Christ within the Church?
    • In Me the temple will be much greater
      • Forget the past and look forward to what God is doing
      • Praise God that He will not leave us on our own
    • God now resides in the temple of our heart

Closing Remarks