December 8, 2019


Passage: Galatians 3:26-4:7
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Bible Text: Galatians 3:26-4:7 | Preacher: Andrew Love | Series: Galatians | Introduction

Sonship – a child of the living God

Quote from J. I. Packer

Abba Father

The Christian is a child of God
We have the Spirit of God in our heart
We cry out instinctively

The Father God is a wonderful truth

The Prodigal Son


What is true about you? (3:26-29)
Why is it true? (4:1-7)
The assurance you can have

What is true? (3:26-29)

A personal address – v26

Paul changes form the pleural pronoun ‘we’ to ‘you’ – Paul is speaking personally to the Galatians

They had been disturbed by false teachers

Many are feeling inferior
They can’t trace their ancestry to Abraham
They are being told that Jesus Christ is not sufficient

Paul addresses them directly

If you have believed, you are a son of God – you are a child of God
You have all the rights and privileges of any child – whether Jew or Gentile
Christ saves us
Through faith in Christ Jesus

The proof – v27

Baptised into Christ

Spiritual baptised
Immersed into Christ

When born again, born into Christ

Put on Christ

Not about taking off or cutting out
It is about Christ

Quote from Charles Spurgeon

You belong to God
The blood of Christ cleanses from every sin

There is no inferiority – v28

We are all one
The Church comprises people of all different backgrounds
We belong to God
We belong to one another
No distinctions in the eyes of God

Heirs of the promise – v29

The Jews were descended from Abraham
The Gentiles are Abraham’s seed

You believe the promises
Jesus Christ is the Seed


All about Christ

Why is it true? (4:1-7)

Paul wants the Gentiles to understand the importance of these issues – explanation
Reading 4:1-7
Example of a child who will inherit

The Jews

Before Christ came, the Jews were under the law

As a nation they were under bondage

Then Christ came

He put Himself under the law
He was the perfect Man
He became a curse for us
That we might have the adoption as sons

A new relationship with God

We are sons
We can now enjoy the inheritance
The Gentiles are sons – v6

The assurance you can have

Do you struggle with assurance?

We all go through times of doubt

Wonderful truths – we are not slaves but sons

We have the same nature as the Father
We have intimacy with our Father
We have the Spirit of adoption
We have the love of the Father
We have a future and an incorruptible inheritance

Do you have assurance?

Meditate on these truths
Remember your freedom in Jesus Christ

Closing Remarks