May 16, 2021

Reasons not to worry over material things

Passage: Luke 12:22-34
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  • Thinking about our attitude to food and clothing
  • Are we taken up with material things?
  • Some people do struggle with putting food on their table
    • Example
    • Worry and anxiety can have devastating effects on people
  • Jesus is now addressing His disciples
    • Jesus had addressed the man who had interrupted Him
    • Jesus knows His disciples/God's children can worry
    • v22
  • Do we worry about these things?
    • We live in affluence compared to others in the world - how does this apply to us?
      • Though we have provision - there is still worry
      • A number need help (like foodbanks)
    • In other places, people have far less
      • Example
  • We are bombarded with advertising for material gain and food
    • We can be taken up with these - rather than lacking them
    • They should be of secondary importance - v23
      • Life is about your soul and its relationship to the living God
      • Loving the things that please God and loving God
    • 1 Cor 7 - have a light hold on material possessions
    • Do you envy others?
      • Examples from Psalmist - Ps 73
  • Overview - If we are not to worry:
    • Life is more than the material
    • Your value before God
    • No benefit to worrying
    • The pagan worry about these things
    • His promises are sure and His provision is great

Life is more than the material

  • Life is not primarily about these things

Your value before God

  • v24 - we are of more value that birds, therefore God will provide for us
  • Remember that we are precious in God's sight
  • The parable of the sower - the things of the world can choke our faith
    • Worry can be severe - Quote from Winston Churchill
    • Jesus tells His disciples not to be anxious but cast their care on God
  • v27-28

No benefit to worrying

  • v25 - No-one can add one cubit to their stature
    • Worry is futile
    • Worry will not increase your height but it will bow you low
    • Worry will not prolong life but shortens your life
  • Examples:
    • Prov 12:25
    • Example of Frank Sinatra
    • Quote from Poem
    • Example of statistics/figures
      • Only a minority are true worries
    • Quote from "O what a friend we have in Jesus"
      • We worry when we are prayer-less

The pagan worry about these things

  • v29
  • Christianity is counter-cultural
    • We are not to 'fit in'
  • It is about seeking the Kingdom of God first
    • Unbelievers do not seek after God
    • Believers are the children of God with a heavenly Father
      • Generally speaking, children do not worry about their parents provision
      • We should not doubt God

His promises are sure and His provision is great

  • v31-32
  • Seek God's Kingdom first - in all areas of life - If you do, your needs will be met
    • "My God shall supply all of your need"
    • Ps 37:25, 84:11
    • Example of Elijah
  • "Godliness profits above all things"
    • Example of Concert Violinist
    • Example of Martha and Mary

Recap of key points

Concern yourself with treasure in heaven

  • v33
  • Concern yourself with treasure in heaven - v34
    • What is your treasure?
    • Is it loving God and the Lord Jesus?
  • Give alms and provide for the poor
  • Quote from Hudson Taylor
  • God did not spare His own Son - will He not give us everything in Jesus?