June 26, 2022

Psalm 73

Passage: Psalm 73:1-28
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  • We will be looking at someone who went through tremendous doubt
  • Does that sound familiar to you?
    • It has been a struggle through lockdown
    • The fear of contracting covid and its consequences
    • Imposition of laws
    • War and conflict in Ukraine
  • These things can come upon pus and challenge our confidence in God
  • Such was the situation in Psalm 73
    • He was overwhelmed as he looked around himself
    • This psalm is a confirmation that there will be difficult times in the life of a believer
    • Difficult periods can strengthen us
    • Example of washing powder
  • The psalmist has confidence in God - v1,28
  • There are two main points:
    • The right place to doubt (v2-16)
    • Finding the right answers (v17ff)

The right place to doubt (v2-16)

  • Doubt is real - this was a time of tremendous struggle for the psalmist
    • Envy of those around him who were prospering (v3)
      • Those who rejected God had brilliant lives
    • He was grieved (v21)
    • The psalmist struggled with the thought that those who were not following God had a better life
  • He looks out at the external world and almost finds his life with God meaningless (v13)
    • He sees surface details and sees nothing wrong (v4-5)
    • He sees those who have plenty (v7)
    • He looked around and saw confusion
  • He looks inside himself
    • The world tells us if we want answers we need to look inside ourselves
    • Jeremiah tells us the heart is deceitfully wicked
    • He became like a beast before God, forgetting who he was (v21-22)
    • Explanation of persuasive individualism
  • It was not until he looked up - that he found truth (v17)
    • Only when he went into the sanctuary of God
    • It was not until he drew near to God that he found truth
    • God accepts doubters and draws them into truth
    • The psalmist does not find truth until he engages with God in personal prayer
  • We need to be gracious with those who are going through doubt/struggle
    • Job 6:26
    • Don't jump on every word that is said - it is wind, let them blow

Finding the right answers (v17ff)

  • God's covenant love for His people (v23)
    • God is holding the psalmist's hand
    • Even though the psalmist is struggling - God is holding him
    • We will never be separated from His love
    • Quote from song
    • If you struggle with doubt - Satan will remind us of our guilt and weakness
      • We know that God's covenant love has covered us with forgiveness and grace
      • Quote from 'Before the Throne of God above'
  • A true perspective (v17)
    • Before coming into the temple - the psalmist has been looking at the world around, now he looked up to God
    • The utter fragility of life (v18)
      • Two certainties - taxes and death
        • Example of memorials
      • We must live in the reality of this (Psalm 90)
      • Reading v18-20
      • The person who lives only for this world will lose everything
        • Example
    • The future of the believer (v24)
      • All this world and glory to come
      • 1 Peter 1:3-6
      • Wise and mature Christian's think
    • God is his portion (v26)