October 13, 2019

Preaching in Antioch Pisidia

Passage: Psalm 126:1-6, Acts 13:13-41
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  • Last week
    • Paul and Barnabas on the island of Cyprus
    • Set out for their first mission - set apart by the laying on of hands
    • Opposed by Satan
    • God worked wonders through Paul
    • The governor was converted
  • v13 - they set sail from Paphos
    • They move North
    • They come to Perga in Pamphylia
    • John Mark departs from them
    • They go to Antioch in Pisidia
      • 3,600ft above sea level
  • Considering the sermon Paul preaches
    • The leader of the synagogue gives opportunity for them to speak
    • God has gone before them
    • They are trusting God to open doors
    • We must be people of faith and trust in God to open doors
  • Focusing on v26
    • Reading Acts 13:26
    • He preaches the death and resurrection of Christ
  • Overview:
    • Recounting biblical history
    • All leading to a message of Salvation
    • Invitation and warning

Recounting biblical history

  • Paul does not use any illustrations or contemporary 'hooks' - he explains the history as would be known to the religious people gathered
    • God has led him in this way
    • He is establishing common ground with his hearers
      • The Exodus
      • The wilderness years
      • The conquering of the land
      • The Judges
      • The Kings
      • To Jesus Christ and John the Baptist
    • He is exalting God
      • Biblical history is all about what God has done
  • What relevance does this passage/sermon have to us?
    • Do not treat it lightly - pray for understanding
    • What does it say about God?
      • He has an electing love and He has chosen a people for Himself - v17
      • He is long-suffering and patient - v18
      • He is powerful and invincible - v19
      • He is a God of order - v19
      • He is kind and provides - v20
      • He respects the choice of His people - v21
        • but over-rules for their good - v22
  • Paul has shown that Biblical History is all about God's action for a purpose
    • The Saviour would come from David's seed
    • The prophecies of 2 Samuel
    • John the Baptist
  • Paul is letting the word of God speak for itself
    • It is not about our persuasiveness
    • It is not about our power but the power of the word of God

All leading to a message of Salvation

  • A Saviour - v23 / the word of salvation - v26
  • Paul speaks first of the cross - v28
    • He reminds the Jews how they rejected and condemned Jesus
    • It is a fulfillment of Scripture
  • Paul speaks of the resurrection - v29
    • A great emphasis on this than the cross
    • God raised Him from the dead - v30
      • He did not see corruption - v37
      • He was seen by many witnesses - v31
      • Good news - v32
      • Quotes from the Old Testament - v33-35 (Ps 2:7, Isa 55:3, Ps 16:10)
  • Gospel preaching
    • Paul twice gives his testimony, but gospel preaching ...
    • ... is speaking about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
    • An incontrovertible truth

Invitation and warning

  • Not an abstract message - but it is for them
    • v32, 33, v38
    • If you do not know the Lord - this message is for you
      • Do you believe in Jesus Christ - His death and resurrection?
    • The Doctrine of Justification – v38-9
    • A wonderful message
  • A warning
    • v40-41
    • A frightening thing to hear
    • Do not despise the Son of God
    • Consider your own heart

Closing Remarks