July 28, 2019

Peter on the Move

Passage: Acts 9:31-43, Psalm 16:1-11
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  • A passage of great joy - something you could clap your hands to
    • The (one) Church in Judea, Galilee and Samaria
    • United
    • Walking in the fear of God
    • They knew the comfort of the Holy Spirit
    • They were multiplied
    • Peter is on the move - miracles occur and people were added to the church
  • Quote - only one life, soon will past, only what is done for Christ will last
  • Two individuals have done things for Christ
    • Dorcas
      • Those that do not love the brethren do not love God
      • She loved people, particularly widows
      • She made them clothes
      • The people wept for her - what she did made a deep impression on them
    • Peter
      • He was called to be an apostle to the Jews
      • He was willing to move about (v32)
        • Lydda, Sharon, Joppa
      • He heals a man and many are converted
      • He raises a woman from the dead
      • He then goes to Caesarea into the Gentile home of Cornelius [next week]

He was on the Move

  • He had spent many years in Jerusalem
    • He had established the church there
    • There was a time of persecution but Peter and the apostles stayed
  • Now a time of peace (v31)
    • The great arch-persecutor Saul had been converted
    • The Gospel was spreading into Judea, Galilee and Samaria
    • Converts are found in places like Lydda and Joppa
  • On the move
    • "Through all parts of the country"
    • With little mode of transport
    • Lydda - 25 miles northwest of Jerusalem
    • Trusting God to provide food, accommodation and lead him to the right people
    • Acts 1:8
      • Slow to obey this command - several years had passed by
        • The gospel now starting to spread
      • Challenge: Are we like this - slow to respond and to reach others for the gospel?
    • Moving another 10-15 miles to Joppa on the coast
  • Difficult to break routines
    • Recent trip to Mozambique
    • Under spiritual pressure - lots of problems but God opened the door
    • Lots of blessings
    • Glad that his routine was changed
  • Changes to routines
    • Short term missionary work
    • Holiday Bible Club
    • Camps

The Power of God


  • v33 - Aeneas was bed ridden for 8 years
    • Surely he had talked to him, had compassion on him
    • Peter is given faith to know this man will be healed
    • The man arises immediately
    • All who were at Lydda and Sharon were turned to the Lord
  • Miracles often accompany preaching in virgin territories
    • The Book of Acts
    • Often found by missionaries
    • Miracles are often spring boards to preaching and conversion
    • Miracles confirm that the apostles were appointed and sent by God
    • The greater miracle was the raising of spiritually dead people and giving them life
  • Challenge: do we believe in the power of the Lord to change lives
    • Examples
    •  People reaching others for Christ


  • Christians get sick and die
  • In God's goodness Peter is near by
    • The widows call him
    • The widows are expectant
    • Overview of events
      • He performs a miracle
      • Other examples of those raised from the dead
  • God at certain times performs miracles to show His great power
    • The pity of God for the widows
    • That many would come to know God
  • Perhaps Philip had previously preached near by - Azotus
  • Peter stays (v43) so that they can be established and built up

The Big Picture

  • This passage reminds us of the big themes of Scripture
    • One book with a great story - redemption
    • Four themes:
      • Creation
      • Fall - explanation and consequence
      • Redemption - the implicit preaching of the gospel
      • Glory - to remove the curse of sin
  • The theme of glory:
    • We will all die but Dorcas reminds us that God has the power to raise the body
    • We will be like the Saviour when we see Him
    • A place of no more suffering, sickness or death
    • Rom 8:18-23 - Explanation
    • 1 Cor 15:42-43, 49-50, 51-57
    • Example of teaching the doctrine of the consummation of all things
    • Such a desire to be with Christ
  • The doctrine of the resurrection should motivate us - 1 Cor 15:58
    • Example of Dr Charles Woodrow
    • Quote from John McArthur
    • Will we leave a mark for God like Dorcas?

Closing Remarks